Launch of the ILGA World Conference 2019

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We are about to have a few speeches right now. And I'm going to also call on my co host for tonight, Tony to come and join me My name is Kevin Henry. I'm a member of the funnel funnel, which is this group here and as a member of all sorts of different groups, but tonight, my role is basically to to open our way which we have done with a song category here tonight for to Europe and to briefly also pay our respects the building and maturing to the economy or the way Amanda of this role here and more importantly to you and also to also remember those who are not here because that's also an important acknowledgement that we have no later tonight, to me Kia Koto, Koto, Koto, Koto, Koto, Koto, my name is Tony and I think I learned on the chair of rainbow Wellington and we are delighted that you have on with us with your presence for is a wonderful feeling in this audience, we have a large representation of the LGBT i a b plus communities here. It's a long acronym. And it's stressing an appropriate that we're here to learn more about it, to meet the ogre representatives tonight, and I went on the website, and for those of you who think that always a bit of a contraction, you're right as it is, it's the international lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and into six Association. So that correct the slightly shorter acronym. We have a lot of leaders from our community see a day and I would like to say that we're honored by every one of your presence. And I'm going to miss somehow, but I just like to identify a few. In particular, Margaret Sparrow, whose involvement in the sexual health in sexual identity and gender identity, over a lifetime's Korea has greatly enhanced in support of our communities. I am also like to mention Georgina, briefly, but I know that it's going to be a longer introduction but just to acknowledge your presence and say how wonderfully well I'd also like to mention Robert can tell you who is Luciana represent representative on Olga and of course, our to international peace phone. I'm not doing the name introduction, but just say at this point, we've got the the titles right, the CO Secretary General Helen can innovate and the executive director, Andre do policy. Welcome, we're very pleased to have you here. We're very pleased to meet you. Were pleased to hear from you know, making newly got lucky now, Nami. So with the other hand I put on which is the lesbian and gay archives and New Zealand trust. I also would like to acknowledge the presence of Tim Bennett, who's here, welcome term, also to Nicole Wallace, who's here. And other people, particularly those that have come from the German Embassy, welcome Timo from the Netherlands. shearling is here, and also from the Chilean embassy. Amanda, that's the segment because I couldn't pronounce his name. She's here it's wonderful to see the support coming from the international community. And there are those people who are not able to be here which we also acknowledge for example, guns Robertson, also the mayor could not make it today. They were also friend more just at the last minute was not able to attend to not she daily wanted to attain friend who was a very important instigator and move on and driver. Here we were, this is a groundbreaking event that's going to happen in New Zealand and I agree. The so those are particularly people that were not able to make make it tonight God and Chris Bishop, he was unable to make it. Jane like he was also unable to make it but Jen hosted as today this morning. And I'm just want to say thank you to our very special guests that are here today. Also, I can see calm, standing near Pacifica. motto here. Welcome call. And it's great to see such a representation of the community here know my high demand for the timeline. On that night. I'd like to introduce our next speaker, who is has the task of also introducing other other speakers. But of course we all know to Jean, Georgina is, as one of our most well known international representatives of our community worldwide cheese and fulfill a good reason. I won't go into that today. But it's our honor and privilege to have you here tonight. torching not eight or nine. And if you wouldn't mind welcoming, curate far no higher my higher my higher my to this wonderful launch event this evening. For something amazing that's going to occur next year. The yoga World Conference will convene on Wellington on the 18th to the 22nd of March and 2019. At the micro fallacy into this conference is expected to burn up to 500 representatives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex several organizations as advocates for the LGBT a human rights around the world to meet and share their experience and best practices strategize, build alliances and partnerships and to elect the representatives. Elgar will celebrate several significant milestones at the 2019 World Conference, the 40th anniversary of elder world, the 50th anniversary of Stonewall demonstrations, and the First World Conference to be held in the Oceania region. And we're hosting as the host Roku consists of to fund a fund a trust, Rainbow youth and the intersex trust of our children, New Zealand organizations who have a long history of working together about issues of diverse gender, sex and sexuality including tak Tarpley and other indigenous forms. These three organizations agreed to host the Old World Conference as an opportunity for their communities to experience the international LGBT I forum. They'll go as a World Federation of national and local organizations dedicated to achieving equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and then six people. It speaks and lobbies and international for on behalf of more than 1200 member organizations from 132 countries based and six regions pan Africa, Olga Asia, yoga Europe, Olga leg, that's Latin American Caribbean, they'll go north america and Oceania established in 1978, over enjoys consultative status and the you in ECOSOC Council, and they'll go represents LGBT society within the United Nations and other international organizations. So it is a powerful and much needed organization to connect us all internationally. It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome three of our international guests who are here with us this evening. The First, I would like to introduce you to Helen Kennedy, a woman I have known for some time, who kindly invited me to Canada some years ago to go to the gals, annual fundraising dinner that they held in Toronto. It wasn't as he's having fun, became a gals executive director in 2007. She joined the organization with 22 years of experience in politics, both as an elected city councilor in the political Stafford. She has a founding member of Canadians for equal marriage widely regarded as the most influential public policy lobbying campaign in Canadian history, which ultimately resulted in Canada being one of the first countries in the world to legalize same sex marriage. Helens work includes the climate survey on homophobia and transphobia and Canadian schools, the first National Survey of its kind and Canada and provides critical findings on bullying to schools, educators and governments. She has delivered training to immigration refugee adjudicators and police services across Canada and the Balkans. at the invitation of the US Department of Defense, Helen consulted with senior Pentagon officials in Washington on the US military's don't ask don't tell policy. She has co secretary general of Elko world. Helen is also a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service and activism. Could you please give a warm welcome to hell in Canada I really need to change my Wikipedia bio and make it a lot shorter. Thank you, Georgina. As Georgina mentioned, we had the privilege of having Georgina in Toronto A number of years ago at an event we had, and I can't tell you how moved we were that she actually a we could track her down and be that she actually came because it was a huge moment of significance for us to have Georgina in Canada, because at the time, we did not have gender identity or gender expression included in our Canadian Human Rights Act. So trans people, technically we're not protected. And so having someone of Georgina's stature come and being willing, and so open to present in Canada around some of the issues, and it also speak so openly and freely about her own journey had a huge impact on everybody who was there. So I want to, for me, it's an honor, because I'm a massive fan of yours and have been for a very long time. But I want to acknowledge also the many gifts that New Zealand brings to our global movement, whether it be many Mitchell or the powerhouse, Elizabeth or Kevin, there's so many gifts, and activists and great advocates from New Zealand who are pushing the boundaries for the LGBT movement globally. So I think we certainly as an as a movement, an elder as a federation, want to acknowledge the contribution of the queer community in New Zealand, but also the broader allied community in terms of what you bring to the conversation. I also want to acknowledge that we do also have the support of the Canadian consulate here this evening, which is wonderful to see. I'm very proud of the Canadian government, I'm based in Canada. And obviously everybody thinks you know, all the gay guys love our prime ministers and he's an absolute sex God. Personally, I think his wife Sophie is a lot more attractive. But I'm also because Canada is a bilingual country, French in English, I want to take the want to be so bold as also acknowledge our representative from the French Embassy from France is also here as well. But to also for us, you know, it's a incredible privilege for ill good to have its conference, celebrating its 40th anniversary. In a country like New Zealand, the richness of your culture cannot be understated. And that is something that I and my family and I know Andre and Natasha, who's also here from yoga, have had the privilege to experience I've experienced it twice now. But have had the experience to had the privilege to experience this warmth, and hospitality and deep Maori culture that is present in the meetings that we've had in the welcome that we have received from everybody, whether it be from the mayor's office, right through to the MPs today, to the host, hosting agencies that have just welcomed us an open arms. And I want the global movement, people who are still living in countries that criminalize who we are to experience what we have experienced here this week, next March. So I'm very, very what's the word? You know, as an as a big old lesbian, Butch, I don't get emotional very often. But I have to say there is a there's something very warm, I want it I'm trying to find an emotion and expresses, right. But there is there's just an incredible bond that we feel when we gather as communities and and recognize each other's strengths, and also engage in conversation that allow us to be free and to be safe in a country that accepts who we are as people. So I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to come back next March. I can't wait to showcase New Zealand and Oceania to the broader, elegant family. So thank you very much. The next about international visitors Today I would like to introduce this Andre do policy. He is the executive director. Formerly at Olga Andre was the head of human program and advocacy assistant LGBT organizations from around the world to engage with the various facets of the United Nations system. Prior to Elgar he worked on the human rights compliance of private military contractors in conflict zones. And as a human rights officer and special procedures at the US Office of the High Commission of human rights. Andre is from South Africa, and as an English solicitor will experience in the corporate and financial services sectors. He grew up in Zambia, the UK and India studied law at Cambridge University and University College of London, and has worked in mainland China and Hong Kong, London, and is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome, please, for Andre duplicity. I think I also need to get my Wikipedia or Google Search bio updates a little bit. And but I just wanted to express just a follow on from what Helen has said the warm, warm welcome that we have felt since we've been here has been absolutely phenomenal. And as Helen has said, this is something which I think is so exciting for people from around the world to experience when they come here in much. I really appreciate it the song at the beginning. And thank you, Kevin, for your welcoming words were acknowledged the many people in this room right here who I'm not going to go in repeat now. But we we are each of us standing here amongst giants of the community, people who have influenced and changed lives here and many places around the world. The other thing, of course, which we acknowledged at the beginning was the people who are not here. And those are people who physically can't be here because of other engagements. But I think we also know there were the people here who can't be here, for very sad reasons. My privilege, my work on a day to day basis is working with LGBT defenders from around the world. There are people who can't get to events like this for security issues. As I'm on my way here. This evening, I'm dealing with a lesbian activist in El Salvador, who is being harassed by street gangs, where she lives she and her partner, considering fleeing the country because it is unsafe to live there. And I just wanted to take this moment even as we celebrate rainbows and glitter for that's going to be this fabulous moment next year, pausing to understand the reason why we do this work. So I'm remembering my friend, my colleague, Andrea, who's going through that right now. I'm also as I'm heading over here this evening, I'm looking at the the the news coming from Ghana, where there is potentially up to 400 people who've been voluntarily going into conversion camps over the last few years, then the news is coming out. And for all the complicated reasons related to miss appropriation of religion, with minors, and we understand that these are the issues that we face. So I don't want to put any dampener on here. But I think the reason why we work why we stand here is yes, because we are fabulous, yes, we are fabulously queer and amazing. But we also do it because we continually have to face violence and discrimination on a daily basis, whether that's in El Salvador, whether that's in Ghana, and I know what happens, even in this fabulous country here as well. The struggle is not over here. It continues. But what I can say is that the welcome that you have given today, this week, I know will be amplified in March, when activists from every corner of this planet are going to be here and we are going to be sitting and we are going to be celebrating and we are going to be discussing and strategizing and finding ways to have conversation nations to help people who can't be here and who won't be there over people who can't. We will come together to make sure that somehow that can that can't can become a can. So thank you again for the welcome this evening. Thank you. Last, but certainly by no means the least, about international visitors for with us this evening is Natalia Koba, please excuse me if I didn't pronounce that correctly. She is an internationally acclaimed CFO and I'm assuming that's Chief Financial Officer, currently working at Elgar as Director of Finance and support services, tasked to build financial processes and controls, which will ensure the most effective use of the donors fans and to lead the board, regional officer and staff and various financial and operational metals. Prior to Elgar she worked as CFO of Swiss Russian nanotechnology startup and as a head of painting department of KFC France. Is that the KFC we assume it as zoom So, and Natalia is Russians was and a qualified management accountant from SEMA. With an experience and the nonprofit consumer goods, nanotechnology and consulting sectors globally. She has lived and worked in Russia, UK, France and Switzerland studied finance and accounting and London School of Economics and holds an MBA degree from IMD. She has experienced a yoga practitioner, and is interested in sharing innovative ideas and area of financial management of the international nonprofit organizations. A warm welcome please for Natalia. Natalia has kindly declined speak, which gives me a bit more time to give you an update as essentially as the conclusion of what I have to say today, but as you may or may not be aware, I had an extraordinary invitation to address the Oxford Union, I will be leaving for the on the 20th of October. And I will speak probably on the 23rd of October over there. But soon after I made a q amp a appearance not so long ago, Cambridge University got onto the bandwagon. And I'll be going there as well. What I haven't organized anything yet, and I will be traveling actually with Julian cook, who's with all from pride, who's going to accompany me primarily as my PA, I think because I might need I'm over there. I'm going to be offering myself particularly to a train or a trains organization, I don't know who he is in London, because that's where I'm going to be based to use me as a fundraiser while I'm there, and just to highlight trends and their area, but I'm also open to doing stuff with the AIDS Foundation over there or other rainbow organizations, honey make use of me while I'm there, you might as well. It is a brilliant platform platform, not just for New Zealand because there is an element of national pride, given our history or Oxford units. University with David long as I can smell uranium on your brain, and all of that, but also the right on the way Helen Clark and of course more recently named Katherine Healy, who has been there. So I would be the fourth New Zealanders to address the Oxford Union. And maybe quite likely that I might be the first trans to address the Oxford Union, Cambridge just had a string of trends, including Caitlyn Jenner. So you know, I'm down the list. But obviously, it provides a global platform, their YouTube channel alone has up to 60 million viewers. And of course, goes much further than that through social media and stuff. So I am going to have to be very careful about what I talked about other than my own life experience, which is primarily what they want to know, particularly my experience on on politics and my perspective and view on my time in there. But also, how does a slipper from the VM straight makeup to some way like parliament, which may resonate, and we'll have more than just me from around the world. I'm not the only one that started out selling my you know what? To buy my you know what, and seems ironic now, doesn't it better. So it's going to be very important, and I am going to be careful, I want to promote what our country alone has achieved in gay rights. I know there is more do more to go. But the foundation upon which we have been able to leverage ourselves and past 30 days, 30 decades, well, perhaps, certainly, the last 50 years has been amazing. And really a reflection of our country. I know it's difficult sometimes. And there are still some difficult hurdles to jump as far as bringing our public and our, our country, people on board with some of the movement we want to make, and law. But more importantly, I think sometimes attitude toward us, there is where we went. And I hope that anything I might have done my small contribution to breaking some political glass ceilings, least at a has been inspiration, inspiration for other people around the world. But it's a reflection of us. It's a reflection of all of us and everything we've done in our lives and those gone before us whose shoulders I stand upon, to be able to have done what I have done. And now it is incumbent upon me. And my sort of semi retirement was almost did about a year or two ago, but sorry, I'm back. And I'm dangerous. That's what happens when I have a gay kidney within me now, that was so kindly given to me from one of our community, a dear friend of mine grandparents, who happens to live in Canton. And so I did keep it in the family, some water waited. You know, as far as that's concerned, we have a lot to share all of us in our experience, I'm sure you'll be able to share that next year during this conference. And fact you'll be demanded to share it. Because there are others, as has been mentioned, who struggle around the world, and situations we could barely imagine. And I'm going to be making a few points about that my Oxford debate. I'm gonna make a server Russia. I'm going to make a serve at some of those African countries that still have different instances. I might have assumed to this conversion therapy business. It's outrageous. I mean, that kind of thing. And it occurs here in this country. And although we're trying to jump on it and stamp it out, that'll happen physically and out of the way as I'm sure it does. It simply defies all of our human rights when that kind of thing happens anyhow enough for me because the conferences next year, and now he tell you all 10 narco Tina, Tina Tata capital, aloha Coco, Coco, Coco, to tie it off at Core Data Norma hockey co founder mark icon nazione. Okay night EV cord to find a fanatical fans. Cocozza Tucker founder. So, I mean, this is the kitty kitty, not flesh, enough table Wikipedia page. What's up with it. And I live, they can get spun. But I was 20 years and Wellington and when I come home, I come to Wellington very, very often. And when I'm in a room amongst all of you, then I know that this is my second home. And I do know that so many of you here my father and some of the people I love my son, the Buddha and this room. And so I'm thankful to be here. I it's I took one or number he coma here to reinforce all the welcome to all of you are working in Atlanta in our photography not equal night. For all of those and our glorious ways have been in this world with our community welcome here is, as we'll see, the three of our groups that work together to do this. Without that any single one of us was never going to be enough. We didn't have the rage. But we thought that we wanted to model the way that we actually work in Wellington, the way we work and Altidore and so I want to just go over for you. Some things about when we the very first who we had, when we got together with service talking amongst us actually do the show we do this, we sit down and see what our everyday lives. And I want to share those with you. Because in a way, when we hope to model these things across the world, we want to make sure that this is really our people think this one is about minimal to hockey, that each of us as individuals, as organizations, we stayed in our own Mama, we have our own autonomy. And we create the spaces where we work together to use your wife, honey, serious, no brainer. But we've characterized it as D colonizing sexuality and gender. It's that we respect from all these other people who are going to come to us from around the world, the cultural practices, the cultural terms, the ways of being in the world, and what we can do when they come to this space to know that they are welcome. They are honored. Our family we saw that is respecting intergenerational roles and responsibilities. So it was really key for us to ensure that each of us is from our young people up to our elders had a role in the space, and the lead up to and throughout the conference. And I just want to acknowledge our youth leaders who are in the space right now. You know, massive, massive respect and aloha for you all. But I just want to acknowledge all the work that you do. And you lead our community and many of the issues that are facing our people, because is Andre alluded to, we're going to have much to show off. It's this conference, and we will do that will say we have cheat the system there. But we know from the UN submission we just sent out and the power that was the done that there's two major issues and painting around access to healthcare, trans health, violence still against young people, the fake date, we think of all lesbians and gays, it's been out and around for a very long time duties, homosexual chloroform, they're still young people being kicked out of their house today, because they're coming up to the parents. So we have to remain vigilant. And this is an opportunity to share all the things that we are proud of, and to learn from people from around the world who are facing the same journey as us and that we together, we'll look at how we can work together for the world very much. I think, returning from an indigenous point of view, we want to model a way of holding this conference and sharing what we do and show how we integrate things we've things together in a way that I have to say I've never seen and all the international conferences I've attended. Next one for knowing our that's our extended relationships. So we start far, no, this is our, our key group of people that were born into that we choose as our main love and support. And then it's all our extended relationships out from there. That's and to all our embassies into our philanthropists and funders, at center government. It's all the ways that we work together. menarche, manner heating, absolutely key that we will look after our guests. When they come here, they will feel safe, they will feel hood they will be seen and they'll be valued. We will look after them who had the best vegan and vegetarian food that they have ever seen. That regardless of ability or disability, they will know that they're safe and they're treated and this place and I believe Wellington will do that. Unbelievably, in party character. We intend to have a lot of fun. We have when we talked to people around the world say come to Wellington, come to Altidore. We promise you fun, I got no doubt will bring it in our specialty out to the pride people who are going to be running a pride parade we are turning it on for Aggies. So last time, we taking all that into account and let's have this guided us guided us and our decision making and the way that we work. When we thought about the conference itself. We thought about what a key things were. And then I designed the logo that's attached the conference based on it. So number one for copper, and then the logo. And mention this is beautiful logo. It is a walker at to help represented to hold Walker with to sales on it and the kids here on the front. So on this on the sales is the Potala designed from the two critical steps design represents sparkle papa. So that again honoring all of our histories, the person the impact of combination that's colonization, its head on all of our communities, and we still feeling the impact today. But also all of the awesome histories or the incredible places that we have come from an older people around the world who I can ask and you shall receive. So if all those histories we acknowledge all of that, and because we know that it brings awesomeness, it also brings trauma. And we want be a space where we can create healing and support for those things are Walker, the pathway of the Walker, we're acknowledging that is an effort, we used to traveling alone way to get anywhere, everyone else's, and send us to coming to us. And so we are acknowledging that June is the actual physical journeys, as well as the cultural and historical spiritual journeys people have taken physically to get here, we want to honor that effort, we won't say don't come on the day, or even the day before you will be asleep by lunchtime. And the next one is marketing. And it's represented on the front of the Walker. And it's referencing that hits the altimeter and the baskets of knowledge and excellently about the shirts, shields, the skills and experience and knowledge that will be bought that we will bring to share. And we're going to learn it's going to be so crazy, awesome. Last one. And it's represented. We take it from the record do and it's represented on the base of the Walker. And that's about our growth. It's a movement. It's okay, great. We've all got here, and what we are we going from here? What have we learned? What are the actions? What are the strategies? What's going to happen from this point? What are the incredible relationships and what's going to happen? And what's going to just keep on continuing through the work of Olga, but actually all of the member organizations who will come to this place. So we have promised that will have awesome volunteers with promise I today I said I want to take over running all the facilitation of the hallway, and every workshop. So sounds like somebody could say they have Max, people in this room does feel weird that I will be contacting you about that. But yes, so finally, I believe on the last speaker raping the solar. Welcome. Thank you all for coming. I guess this is a launch to we have launched language. I hereby declare this is an awesome evening, that when we bring all of our way to all of us for all of our hope, all of our energy, full of excitement, all of our love all of our power, and the space. And we launch this whole event from this point. And welcome you all back here and much kilda. So Tony and I behalf of leggings, and rainbow Wellington would like to thank you all for coming tonight. We are looking forward to involvement. Going forward to the conference next year. I'm fairly certain that visitors absolutely impressed and we're going to go away until the world Yes, come along to Wellington and march 2019. So killed Dakota. And just to close, we've got a wiretap that we've just checked together to. And it's it's a story about an invitation to the world, to the people in the Pacific, to come to New Zealand to come to Wellington, and actually then start to incorporate and weave together the history of the discovery of New Zealand. So we are saying, how do you get to New Zealand will follow the path of the octopus, octopus that came from Hawaii to to volunteer or an infected was an octopus that the person that came with it coupe and his wife, she was the one that named Altair or so and there are landmarks today in the harbor that still remember Cooper's daughters, and so forth. So it's starting to weave together the history of, of our relationship here an octave lower, but trying to do it in a way that keeps the stories alive. And then the final thing we're also talking about as when we come together, it's all come together as one unit. Let's actually do this and make it happen. And so that's essentially the nature of the squad. So it's all very new, right? But it is an honor of the event next year. And it also as an invitation to people to a team ourselves included. Later. Tina. Tina, Tina, Tina. So we'll have to go bye bye gate

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