Hui Takataapui interviews (2014)

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in Gareth support from the roof foundation. [00:00:08] My name is Amy Monroe. My mighty name is how many? [00:00:14] And where are you from? [00:00:16] I am from that's Maddie, which is the team is currently low cost, low price. [00:00:22] So that's on my father's father's side. And on my father's mother's side, I am from a party, which is to call 45 minutes drive. Just before 90 Mile Beach on my mother's side, the father is Irish and her mother's couch. [00:00:41] And what is the word Taka, Taka, Taka, Taka? [00:00:45] Good question. [00:00:49] Like a top three, to me, it means [00:00:53] the two aspects of me becoming one, so is the top of mind which is the modest. And then there's the water puppet with the rainbow side of me. So at the top, we can collaborate those two energies of those two cultures, those two [00:01:14] sometimes thought processes or actions or choices, [00:01:19] accumulate communities [00:01:22] together, and it becomes their DDC for me. And I can stand in that proudly as mighty as a woman as the top way. And know that that is who was who I am. And that's how I can define it. And the way the scenes in it for me personally. Yeah. [00:01:46] And how you find the movie? [00:01:48] Fabulous. [00:01:49] It's it's been challenging, because for those that don't know me, I'm the secretary of the executive committee. So it's too taking us a year to get this planning done and, and get to this point. And it's just flowed so well. So well, the feedback from our community, just with the way through has been positive. [00:02:13] I'm in the middle of it. So I can't really see on the outside to see how well it's going. [00:02:19] But I tried to judge by the courtroom that's come back and the smiling faces every morning that I say and smiley face, they get a bed every night. [00:02:28] And the good food that is given to our our minds, our bodies, and our souls for this whole time. So yeah, I believe it's really fantastic. [00:02:39] What we take away from what we [00:02:48] learn, what do I take away? [00:02:51] Take away [00:02:54] I think, oh, man, there's just so many you can pick one, [00:02:59] this this, it's no fear. [00:03:03] Okay, and short, lots, lots. Key stuff would be [00:03:10] always remember to respect the smallest bit of help to the largest bit of help. Irrespective of who has come from where it's come from, how it's come with, its come in the way that you anticipated it to or not, it's been given in the way that you anticipate it will not pay respect to those that have gifted of themselves to the paper. Always remember that always, always, always, always remember that. Yeah, that's the first thing. first major thing I'll take away. [00:03:39] The second is that [00:03:41] diversity comes with token McKimmie, [00:03:44] which is English word, [00:03:47] the challenges. And that while we celebrate diversity, also acknowledge those challenges. And those challenges can be good [00:03:58] can push us past [00:03:59] hell knowing past their boundaries. And just to explore another perspective. No one says you have to accept that no one says you have to agree with it. But you just hear it. And just take that on as cry for yourself mulling over and see what it means from another person's perspective. So while we have, empowers and encourages celebration, I want to empower and encourage challenge. And token we can be because that's a healthy thing for us to stretch ourselves and each other and still come together with it since [00:04:34] for speak knowledge from love most importantly. [00:04:39] Um, can you tell me your name, and where you're from? [00:04:42] My name is singer Otto and I'm from South Auckland, and I'm 17 years old. [00:04:49] How's the hoodie been free? [00:04:50] Oh, amazing. [00:04:52] So like this whole thing? [00:04:54] Or that's what's been called meeting people that the same as as like the same community. And it's good to be around. People that respect you not [00:05:05] from like, where I'm from? [00:05:07] Yeah, I like [00:05:10] meeting new people. [00:05:12] Yes, you take away from it. Can I [00:05:15] say everyone? Yeah, everyone. Everyone. Yeah. [00:05:19] What's the highlight being? [00:05:23] meeting everyone. And last night, [00:05:24] everyone got ready [00:05:27] to watch the performances. [00:05:32] What is the word tech atop we made it [00:05:38] me [00:05:40] means a community a family. [00:05:47] How's the whole being free? [00:05:49] Good. Coming to [00:05:53] something like this as a straight person was [00:05:59] allowed me [00:06:01] to extend my [00:06:02] open minus even further north already. And to be able to give [00:06:05] the opportunity to be here and be a [00:06:08] part of this. [00:06:11] Awesome, [00:06:13] very educating for them an eye opening. [00:06:18] And because they thought, you know, [00:06:21] they thought that they were the only ones out the end that [00:06:26] they were going through this alone. [00:06:30] And to be able to talk to people that have been before done this and see them come this far. And it was amazing. [00:06:40] What you take away from [00:06:44] the boarding of relationships with people. [00:06:50] Yeah, that [00:06:54] pretty much, you know, come here expecting or not knowing what to say, actually, and being able to walk away with friends [00:07:04] that you can connect closely with Krista related to you? Or Chris, do you have similar interests as [00:07:11] medical? [00:07:13] And what's the highlight being [00:07:15] probably just getting together as one in German comebacker, songs in the songs, whatever, and to be able to see people of other ethnicities who have never done it before get in the in the front and know, [00:07:31] some of the Modi anthems by the end. [00:07:38] I'm Jonah 24. [00:07:44] And what is the word tech top women [00:07:51] kind of changed over [00:07:52] the course of three really [00:07:56] coming here to cut off we was like a word that [00:08:00] described multitude of modern sexualities and gender identities. But [00:08:07] after she conversations with some of the cut over here, now it's kind of like it's for me, it's those who identify as Taka, Taka, so you might not actually be you might not have multifactor possible, but you still can identify us like a pathway by being part of the community. So one of the catalysts in a last night that actually was I born here? Yeah, they know you, you're here, actually, therefore, you're because you're a New Zealander. And you're getting involved with this side of, of the grammar communities. So that's kind of a lot more complex. I thought it was I think it Well, I think at the moment, I'm just going through a little bit of a How then does us define [00:09:03] how's the hoodie been? [00:09:05] Who's been great. [00:09:07] I love coming to two places and spaces that are not about just learning, but learning through ways that my, my people in my community learn. So through networking, and just sitting around and having someone speak to a topic as opposed to actually having to do actual study, you're having to sit there and have someone talk at you or someone talking with you. [00:09:44] What's your highlight? [00:09:46] highlight [00:09:49] the food was a highlight definitely. [00:09:53] Now, I guess, Sunday, my highlight has been just those little conversations with people from all around, the more to hearing people's experience, especially some of the Corolla, because [00:10:07] as we saw in the presentation, the LSE. [00:10:11] In regards to the book that they're writing, you have to start talking to our [00:10:17] own people, because that's where they've got so much knowledge and so much experience that [00:10:24] will go when they go. [00:10:26] But we take away [00:10:30] quite a lot of things really. [00:10:33] I guess. [00:10:36] For me, the biggest thing taking away is this sense that this community is a lot stronger than I think even they think they are. [00:10:47] And [00:10:50] I look forward to seeing what happens with it with some of the cope offer that were put down here to the community in regards to that's you know, not to the time, a properly and in regards to some of the [00:11:07] the issues that are sitting there that needs to be dealt with, that people actually start active activating. Yeah, activating us to raise [00:11:17] some of the action, actually some of those things. [00:11:23] Um, can you tell me your name and where you're from? [00:11:26] And I'm from [00:11:28] Wellington? [00:11:31] Probably who he reads just say, [00:11:33] What does taka taka? [00:11:36] taka taka who is fishy being Marty means to me a identification is a person. Secondly, is a gay trigger top who is a good word because it embraces everyone unable to be carried through a mini avocado in the ideas that we can take from the story? [00:11:54] How was the how's it been for you? It's been [00:11:56] a great experience. It's my first one. It's my favorite. And so I've really a 3d over my eyes, I did enjoy the presentation by the different people giving these stories is I think it's important for our young at it to hear those stories. Because if they're struggling like we did when we were younger, it makes the journey with warm. Been a great, it's been a great experience. And I really love the input of the couple hacker and getting everyone to join them. And it's been really great. [00:12:28] But we take away from the well, [00:12:30] actually, we were discussing it this morning, I'd take away two things factor for nine or 10, which means we're a family. We're all one. Even though we come from diverse backgrounds. When you come together in a movie like this, you become one family. And I see here some of the struggles that go on for people, and especially transitioning into different lifestyles. And I think you know, that's what I'm going to take away from it is, is the fact that we can support each other. And it's perfect for now Tanga means. And that's what I'm going to take away from here. [00:13:04] And can you tell me your name, age and where you're from? [00:13:07] Okay, my name is fatty. I'm 26. And I'm from originally from hockey, I'm living in Auckland. And [00:13:15] what does the word tap tap we mean to you, [00:13:17] it means having an identity being a part of a collective. That means by no means love, at means [00:13:30] which is just like, [00:13:31] now being connected with everybody has been, has been absolutely amazing. The people are fabulous. The [00:13:41] hospitality from the people have gotten my hand on my castle has been awesome, too. [00:13:49] What's your highlight been? The highlight [00:13:50] would have to be the discussions amongst the various groups of three. [00:13:58] And just, you know, hearing everybody's thoughts and [00:14:00] being a little bit more aware about, you know, the issues and just having that dialogue. It's been awesome to say, I've learned so much that would be the highlight. [00:14:10] Well, you take life with [00:14:13] a sense of pride. And just the friendship that ties as I said before, the network's interest. Yeah. [00:14:27] And you tell me your name, age and where you're from [00:14:29] David Caputo Jones 40. And I'm from South Africa and the wife hats off. [00:14:36] And what does it mean to you? [00:14:39] Specifically, to me, it means gay, [00:14:43] lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, until six [00:14:51] maladies [00:14:53] how's the Hawaii been for you as an organizer, especially, [00:14:56] I'm just really, really overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by [00:15:01] the willingness for my really, really traditional and conservative relations here at the Mirage hosted. But once they understood the nature of sin, or the the nature of the of the extra three itself, they're really sympathetic. And that's what the mumble it helps having the Kings permission as well, because we're all subjects of our King here in the Watkins region, I had to sign it. And so when he gave it when he gave the boy Yes, please. And then everybody came on board to I'm also absolutely overwhelmed by just the broad cross sections of attendees, people from all around New Zealand even further fast as the Cook Islands with the queen of browser herself coming over. [00:15:48] And [00:15:52] beautiful [00:15:55] GLG govt I [00:15:57] use [00:15:59] both mouths and non Modi [00:16:02] and all the rest of our fabulous community all coming together. And that's what I was overwhelmed about. I mean, this is the parents the biggest one that's ever been. And we owe it to all of those people that actually came because they they either liked the venue or they liked the different nature of this particular program. Or they may not have been able to meet as often as they could have. And so I was sort of really, really humbled by by all of it. [00:16:33] Once you're highlighting [00:16:37] that was the [00:16:40] mahalo it was some of the top we mean doing [00:16:46] beautiful photo on the Mirage, it often being perceived as being the domain of you know, the straight modern mom, that sort of stuff. So that was one. But the other one was also the show that was on last night, we had a lot of performance from around New Zealand and around the Pacific as well who had come. But it's all been due to people's willingness to participate and contribute. So timely. But I've got two lanes just for all of the beautiful sponsorship, a lot of our local health organizations, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation has been amazing to and now. Can you see them pride? [00:17:29] And what will you take away from? [00:17:33] Me personally, I'll take away a deeper understanding of this is that effect, Govt. QI communities say before this, and the reason why is because I was told to get. So it was my art historians who wanted it but because the mail, I had to formally do the request on behalf of her and I'm here. And so I was a little bit anxious because otherwise, okay, modern male, my own sexuality, it's just a small part of who I am. I'm all sorts of different things, and nothing at all as well. So I didn't really know a lot about JLBTQI. theory as shoes, organizations, health providers, and all that sort of stuff and some of the issues associated with access to services. And I didn't know that. So for me, being around a lot of those providers and people who were either on either side of as the health provider, or as the client [00:18:37] taught me a whole lot about [00:18:42] my name is Mikey, Mikey, here, I'm 33 years old, and I come from [00:18:49] and what does tech attack really mean to you? [00:18:51] Talk to me, is more than just [00:18:57] an identity. It's, it's more than just a it's more than just RGBT to meet up with a life. It's my heart. It's my passion. It's who I am. It's, it's everything. And I think we can be wrapped up into a wider family. It's it's another word for famous. So it means a lot to me. Because family does mean a lot to me. And so [00:19:28] yeah, that's what it means to me. How's the [00:19:33] best way? Has [00:19:36] I've been a part of the last five and helping and organizing them. And I have to say this one has been the biggest in regards to participants. I am this one has been the most and it has been honored by high dignitaries of the modern community. For example, the king Hi, Dr. played me Wikipedia. And I the key the coconut queen. So to have those people acknowledge and look at us, and, and treat us like if right now is a big honor say this way. It's been a really, really. But it's been like what, we haven't had one like this before. And so I believe it's been a big stepping stone, yet we've moved from the last one to the next level. And I'm looking forward to guess, Ben, for us taking on the movement, which is really cool. Because it's been, I know, it's been something that's been missing from the last week. So I can't wait for this bump because it's going to be celebrated. And we're going to have to lead our lead our oldest because they've hit this home and they want to sit back and relax. [00:21:00] Time to shine. [00:21:01] Awesome. What's your highlight been? [00:21:05] highlights? Well, [00:21:07] highlights highlights. [00:21:10] A highlight of the way for me has been, you know, highlights for me was heaven. [00:21:18] And now opening [00:21:22] the words that she gave her words of wisdom words of leadership, [00:21:26] her words of [00:21:28] the female pushes for me having her presence has been huge. To me, her Louisa oldest because it shauntel she was so awesome. And which is doing in Australia. So those workshops are really really cool. And never highlight for me as and of course my youth. [00:21:47] My little youth, my little youth [00:21:50] presentation. [00:21:53] For Yeah, that is of course [00:21:57] a perfectly [00:21:58] good night. We can you go on and on and [00:22:01] looks so flashes though. [00:22:03] You're interesting and having fun. [00:22:07] And what will you take away from Louie, [00:22:09] what I will take away from the holly is, is the movement. That's what I'm taking away. And that's what I want to help support that. So he and his voice have a role to play in the next week. So I'm taking it, and I'm going to push it in support however I can to make it happen for the nice one. [00:22:33] Can you tell me your name age and where you're from? [00:22:34] My name is what am i Stevenson and I'm 27 and I'm originally from? [00:22:41] What does it mean to [00:22:44] help remains to me? [00:22:48] It means a sense of identity for myself within the TR Modi context. And yeah, it means it means that I am helps me to remember that I haven't place until multi cultural context in terms of how I am in my sexuality. [00:23:11] How's the hoodie been free, [00:23:12] the always been great. It's been good to [00:23:16] be surrounded by like minded people [00:23:19] of all flavors of the rainbow. So I guess the strength that you take from this, and knowing who you are. And being proud of that is something that I'm [00:23:33] delighted that I get from the Salinas One of the nice things that I get. [00:23:37] But if you highlight [00:23:39] my highlights would have been speaking to my team. [00:23:47] And the people that I look up to and and in this context, and hearing their stories, and [00:23:57] yeah, just him. I guess, just being with me and get me ready for my I guess my, my own widow that I have for this community? [00:24:08] What will you take away from the holy? [00:24:11] What will I take away from the holy? [00:24:15] Well, I've been given a few little jobs and things to work on the next Hawaii. [00:24:22] So I guess one of them will be to fuck out sick Oh my god, which means just to make my job a little bit more bitter or as bitter as like it's good as I can get it. And I guess putting myself out there a little bit more because the my tool kind of here and I'm going to be here forever. And yes. So what I'm taking away as as quite a quite a heavy suitcase full of full of widow challenges that my older. It's what can I have laid down to me over the past few days? Yeah, that's what I'm going to take away and work on in the next couple views should be back again, stronger in the next. [00:25:05] And what's your name? And where do you come from? [00:25:08] Well, my name is Stacy Kira, know Ty knowing that I call call to know to where Hi. [00:25:17] So I hail from Cathy harbor. I was born and raised here in White Castle. And I'm also from Kona Hastings, white one, and from the nation of to one. [00:25:29] What does it mean to you? [00:25:32] Oh, it's been a long, long process, understanding the word taka taka for me. And it's something that I haven't always agreed to, in fact, even wanted to be part of. But it's growing on me. So we for me, is probably an embodiment of a community. They don't fit social norms. [00:25:53] I'm gonna tell me a little bit more about your journey. My journey to it started 23 years ago, [00:26:01] we were just counting the photos of on the board. And there's 28 of them here. So between those photos than myself, we've been to every Hawaii from the beginning. And I actually grew up in a family of drag queens. So when I left my biological family and I decided to go to Oakland and live, I made a great group of people. And we were caught my eye in the sky. And we lived in long, strange. And they were drag queens and gay men. And I was the only trans person in the house. So they took me in and I became part of the family and whatnot. And they started exposing me to many facets of the queer community. And one of those things was the multi facet of community and this thing called that we took, it's happening all the time. So before we actually had taka taka who was called the time. And so that's where it came along today. And we started tinting and we started being part of it. And it was something that I started to really enjoy. Because I mean, I got to meet so many other people, they were coming to the hood from all over the place in some towns, I'd never dream of going to myself I was you die. And they were coming to this thing called the Hawaii. And it was one time that we all got together to meet one another talk about things that were happening in the community talk about ourselves, and how those things have either made us or broken us, and made us better in the long run. How's the food been free. This particular has been an awesome having a down here and tiny, probably more so to the fact I have mini Taner or younger, younger younger members of the panel and community working this man I and I take my hat off to those ones because they've held true to what they do. And they do it really, really well. They would be Ray Ray and Eddie, also known as Miss Madonna. They do the they do the jobs really, really well. And one thing that they've been able to able to manage to do, which has really made me really happy was to educate their own foreigners, they co master in their career, about diversity and how far this community reaches, and how diverse that we are. And we no matter where we go, we are dead. So it's getting a ways to learn that they can adapt to karma and karma to accommodate every facet on the family. And that's what I think is missing the true part of this. [00:28:11] And what of your highlights being [00:28:13] my highlights, my probably probably one of my main highlights would be the meaning tunnel that we put forward to carry the VR. And also the group singing and cover hacker that we've had together. Because we've just covered every every Wednesday we every other motto and we've done it right here on the team. [00:28:33] What we take away from the movie, what will I take away from the hood? [00:28:38] Oh, minute call why Mina? mina KPR co type. So who are we? Where are we going? And when are we going to do us? And I think that's those were the things that I'll take away from it. And knowing that one of my other Tina has put this slide up and taken the tunnel and asked for it for Nazi put it here and I will work closely together and also start working closely with with the young ones that have come forward and then talk to me about where do I search in terms of the pipeline? Will I be allowed to talk like a logical and I do believe that there is a place for them? It's just how do we develop a place that we will rotate? So that's probably what I'm taking away from this. [00:29:17] And what are your names and where are you from? [00:29:20] I am from [00:29:24] here My name is Bobby King. And [00:29:30] born in the East Coast, but come here. [00:29:37] Kilda My name is Todd EK Thompson. I have a proper links to this this Mariah bolo, too. [00:29:46] And I also had links to the west coast where I'm currently living and final. [00:29:52] Get my own language. Yes. [00:29:58] What does it mean? [00:30:02] Well, for me, this is the first time I've had anything to do with it. And I've really enjoyed what I've heard and what I have learned from all the happenings that we have had during this last few days. And I think it is lovely, because that helps me because I've got grandchildren. [00:30:24] What do you call it different gender for them. So that'll help me to help them to understand what's happening with their bodies, or whatever I'm saying. [00:30:45] My young younger generation [00:30:50] took a top week to me is all embracing Tim, [00:30:55] for men and women who don't fit the stereotype of the heterosexual. So that's an embrace of tune that to me. And I like using it because it doesn't pigeonhole people into two separate categories in categorize them by the sexual behavior. [00:31:20] How's the whole evening for you? Oh, it's been magnificent. It really has been lovely days. And just mixing and mingling with everyone, all the [00:31:31] friends and family it's been marvelous. Marvelous. We're going to go to the next. Next one. [00:31:42] Yes, I think it's been enormously successful. It's been a combination of [00:31:48] Kmart qui [00:31:51] in a cross section of people from different cultural groups, abroad cross section of top we people have come from from all corners of the of this country about hero, also that come from Australia, and also from South America as well. And the success of it is because we've had huge support from the home people who have diligently men, the kitchens or woman the kitchens for the entire period of time. without whom, of course, we wouldn't have a successful boy. So we we think the normally for the contribution to making this a successful event, and it's being held on the MRI here has been wonderful, because took a top we have been able to we've been able to clear the skills and arbitrary and we've been able to observe the Tichenor of the people, in our people who have been in the kitchens 24 seven and supporting the turmeric, a mockup honor. The grantees to house stole the money Philly from everywhere. So it's been [00:33:11] use a brilliant time. [00:33:14] What if your highlights been? highlights have been, [00:33:17] I think, seeing 170 people descending on the MRI, at the time of the poor 50 the highlights have been the incredible, diverse diversity of people who have arrived, the skills that they have the the the also the presence of a man who to Lewis award who was instrumental in the passing of the [00:33:51] the recent [00:33:53] Marriage Act, I can't remember the name of it, but you know what amazing. And all those skills that both sides, women bring in the civil union act as well. In we acknowledge that all those people who have worked tirelessly over the years to bring us to this position, we're we're able to have this kind of these discussions and [00:34:20] political analysis and dialogue where we are [00:34:25] in the kind of [00:34:29] challenges that are before us as well. While we're celebrating, we're also really aware that there are huge challenges out there for particularly for that matter. [00:34:42] But we think that given the [00:34:46] given the [00:34:49] support and the inputs by all people here that we're able to [00:34:56] meet those challenges head on. [00:35:00] takeaway from the movie. [00:35:03] Scott, two tubs of ice cream. [00:35:14] I think [00:35:17] that's what I will remember and always been such a marvelous, marvelous. [00:35:27] Yeah, I just think the [00:35:29] you know, the celebration of the human spirit, [00:35:33] the celebration of us as people, celebration of LL skulls, diversity, the ability of young and old to come together and have a wonderful time. And you know, have a really celebrate every time and also look, and also look ahead with [00:35:53] you know, be realistic about the challenges here, but [00:35:57] lots of things equal rights for all right, that's what it says. [00:36:02] equal rights for all all persuasions.

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