Session 3 - C.L.I.T Fest Wellington 2013

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by clip feast in association with pride in [00:00:08] For the local area to [00:00:11] follow the love of [00:00:12] Tina equate and our Creator Kimmy telephoto cartoon greetings to all your ancestors or the lines that come down for us the number to be here with us today. Greetings to Your mountains into rivers into oceans. Yes, so the panel pretty much our Passover us let you introduce yourself and talk and then we'll do questions Baba Baba. Yeah, so I think the kind of framing around the decision is that, you know, I'm talking to you now in English, which is we because we insulted or so the goal so that's, that's really important to keep in mind. I think also when we think about terms, so gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and to see sexual those are English words, and they have really, I guess they have their own history, [00:01:06] but they also have their [00:01:06] own context. And so it's it's not just as simple to translate taboo or you know, pop up in a lightly or just directly into these English things. I think it's really important to remember living in the Pacific. What those contexts and what those words mean outside of just gay, lesbian, bisexual, that kind of stuff. So yeah, I've seen so several. Him. [00:01:47] A [00:01:54] Moto, Moto, Moto, Moto, Moto, Moto, Moto, moto Moto, Chica hi Marcus demoing on my EI paper creating white Atlanta Mater FEMA. Camp way after Africa. Mathematically my here [00:02:10] today to talk about a [00:02:18] guru la hora now to 45 [00:02:24] different tonight they for a full night's sleep tomorrow. Tomorrow night [00:02:32] as well. So not a defined return night. You had in mind a roommate to cope with dinner patella [00:02:41] moderator Mickey Cohen actor [00:02:44] and being hooky through [00:02:47] photo for Heidi. [00:02:52] Heidi Heidi woke up at Erica YKMAYTRYQ Parma [00:03:00] just one more data for Heidi. Heidi, Heidi. [00:03:06] Heidi is the camera photo at Carnegie. [00:03:12] No data collection, time my name. Now me hooky to put Alexia in time. I definitely like [00:03:30] de Mayo [00:03:35] can be it today. Okay. [00:03:38] I will not speak English. [00:03:42] I've just acknowledged recently, the Lord [00:03:48] was reaching out and thanking him for this day. And for this for bringing us together, I think we've gone into my big plot of land mountain. [00:04:03] from up north, I'm [00:04:06] just trying to explain what I was talking about and the length of time. And then I just acknowledge those who have passed. [00:04:16] Especially those who have packs of HIV, and bring them into this, put it all with the living with us and ask them to give us guidance and give us support. We have the score today. And then I acknowledged my for being or for these beautiful people here are my leaders in the community. There are many more, there are hundreds of personally and very diverse. The one thing is that we will have in common is that we're multi system format. So I need to thank you for coming. Yeah, my name is Mikey Mikey. hail from the heart of the nation from the hook Yama. I hail from Hungary and the birthplace of Dave and a Cooper. I'm one of your Morocco. And yeah, I my mountain is polluted. My rivers is what Kiana the big river 60 Haha, so [00:05:23] I also my my Ryan's wife putting up in my life to my life. [00:05:31] My evening is try not try don't get it mixed up. [00:05:39] down this way, rather what's at the top, of course, the other one. And [00:05:48] I'm dead. [00:05:54] My dad is getting back yet. He's from one month, which is on the other side of the hill can have a my mom's from hundred, make a leaf and three separate two siblings, sister and brother, a young brother who's pick it up as well. So I'm picked who I am. I work for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation is the community engagement coordinator, Marty, which was basically the title know of defense. So they, they want to do community. And [00:06:28] so I go up and down a country of a national role lucky enough to have a national role. So yeah, my particular taking on place and not even having got $2 of my time. [00:06:38] So yeah, I get to fly around the country and talk to people about HIV and AIDS and HIV prevention. [00:06:48] Some find out they're really scared about HIV, which is which is all right, it's good to be scared. We all go through the motions when we hear the big reunify Chevy. And those three letters bring, bring a lot of pains are in the mean. So I go up to the family and talk on the MRI, to the older people come up to create the young people about what the niece or nephew are going through, and how to make it easier for them to go through the process. people with HIV. I do this with this mind. I know for my mom's brother died of HIV. And he was treated like a dog because people didn't like what he hate. And anyway, I don't want anyone else to go through that through what my athletes through. So let's start my day today. And I'll talk more later on a more later on. And one of the big things that I do at the New Zealand aids donations and the most proud and the most honored a victim I am how organized is the free Tucker Tucker it's been going for 26 years. And it's a Vince where I'm Marty Park yes I'm one who he but it's a come and stay the weekend on arrival and [00:08:12] and be who we are. Just be who we are. It's basically that's all we do. We have fun while we're doing it. We have awesome gossip sessions. [00:08:25] We have a little bit of beverages in the evening time [00:08:29] with the left to be virgin entertain each other and things off with guitars and everything. So um, yeah, I've been honored to put on the last three with different early first one and then the next one Wellington and the last one just one last year's headed at my home on the way in Hungary in the bush so those are some bits the big event that I put on for example, and I'm happy to be part of it and your path this one right here so I'll carry on some awkward on after the theme. That is who I am and that's where I'm from Sure. [00:09:09] Right. Oh yes [00:09:14] Dr. Rocky murky to finish it or katha night automatically the hurricane [00:09:22] in a car provided so who we know Tina Koto [00:09:30] Koto Koto, Koto, Koto MRT tonight [00:09:39] Cortana no Micah what a mana curious if you don't want to Connor [00:09:47] auto hot Mr. IKRO Kawasaki mumbling the quantity KV Corps emblem copacetic, a foreigner to knocker knocker tomato, [00:10:01] my name's commit bring. [00:10:04] I have to write down my movie because I have no memory at the moment. And on that note, at some point, my baby might come up for food if she needs to. I'm lucky enough to work as a cheetah and taking it too long to warm up and what's lucky? [00:10:27] Yeah, I think the question of of queer as a term. [00:10:33] I find it interesting because, to me, the term queer implies. You know, the reason that word was chosen is because it's about disrupting a hetero normative culture. But if your coach is not here to normative Why would you identify as queer [00:10:56] thinking about queer stuff thinking about sexuality [00:11:02] trying to think where to start and [00:11:06] the people that I really respect people like it and wanna Jackson say you should always start at the beginning. [00:11:13] I mean, I stop is basically creation. [00:11:19] So if you imagine a line out in front of me, that strictures, [00:11:26] strictures past, the arrival of my European ancestors here stretches past the arrival of my Pacifica supernova here, stretches all the way back to creation. And it continues behind me all the way to eternity, there is no milestones, because we can't see into the future. If this line, this line represents the knowledge and the wisdom of generations. And that's what that's around you when you close the market on a continuum. So if you imagine just in front of me, so the recent past, [00:12:08] is an intersecting line. [00:12:11] And that lines colonization. [00:12:15] And I think that it's helpful when you think of that line to imagine what to remember the scene from psycho with a knife. [00:12:26] Because [00:12:30] Yeah, because colonization brings with a cultural imperialism, Western cultural imperialism, imperialism, which is the denial of anyone else's knowledge was taken. So the purpose of colonization is to try and break this continuum. colonization seeks to cut our knowledge of from the past. [00:12:55] By the what's a nine bit we had laws, literally, for most of these are an intellectual tradition. [00:13:03] And it seeks to cut off the possibility of our culture development. [00:13:10] By replacing our motto on Western understandings over [00:13:15] how colonizers would have us believe that our knowledge is exactly what Europeans recorded it to be when they arrived here. No more no less than that. And we said, we're supposed to believe that the western academic tradition can better understand and represent martyred on a modern than a modern academic tradition can. Whether we're talking about Western trained researchers 200 odd years ago, or now, somehow, they are supposed to have a better type on the truth than anyone else does. I finally was supposed to believe that within second Moto, was fixed in time at the point of colonization, [00:14:00] didn't come from anything, and it's not developing into anything. [00:14:09] Those distorted views of our motto haven't toured since the colonizers started the project here, by our traditions have also enjoyed. And we can use those traditions to ensure that instead of cutting us off from our knowledge, colonization, is just a small blip on this continuum. And that's we're here to kind of as we do it, to one a lot of our power comes in. So I think it kinda is about ensuring the integrity of this continuum, the monitoring a continuum. It's about fixing up the damage of colonization, and allowing our metadata to continue to develop these five statements that sum up what we do, and I think the first is that fucker poppers the faces of the second is that we have five now to freedom. We have faith that they acted intentionally, and we have faith that their intentions were good. [00:15:09] Third statement is that we have faith in our motto. [00:15:13] That's the oral traditions, the creation stories, Tolkien more theater. Altoona had generations in which to understand their often they had generations to experiment, to learn the important skills and values and making and maintaining the relationships that they needed. And they embedded that knowledge in those oral traditions. So we need to have faith in him. The fourth statement is that second is the first law here. And it's the only legitimate law here. And the final statement, is that colonization has led to imposter Tichenor through cultural imperialism. So that last statement acknowledges that because of the process of colonization, some of the stuff that we think of as to kind of my Donal is coming out of that past is actually a recent origin to actually come from the point, post colonization. And it doesn't reflect our motto and it's actually reflecting the values of our colonizers. [00:16:23] And possibly also the stories that they told us about ourselves. [00:16:28] And that's especially true of things like gender and sexuality, where the cultures of the colonizers and the time of the female were really, really different. So if we were to look to our motto, what does it tell us about sexuality, and gender? If we look at creation stories, first of all, there's a whole heap of different creation stories. If you look at the stories that I learned when I was growing up, they tell it to be based on Parker writers like George grave. And when you look at those stories, you would imagine that our motto is is patriarchal and he just exist as part of our culture. Yeah, if you think about the way the stories I grew up with, I don't know what you all heard, but the way that ronnie knew a pop up to one of his romances told it sounds a little bit like a rape scenario. She even gives birth to a bunch of children who are all male. [00:17:39] Those males make a female out of dirt. [00:17:43] Tanner, one of the males has sex with it. That first female, she gives birth to a daughter, who becomes the first woman. Donna has six with the first woman. She finds out that Tanya is her father and fleas and shame to the under. I think that's a pretty typical playing out of a Western male female dichotomy and power relationship. And most of the podcast writers. When they first started hearing our creation traditions, there's this there's the way that they retell them. [00:18:21] But it's not how my people talk about creation [00:18:26] and quite savvy traditions. But he knew he had many partners. [00:18:33] Papa was with capital before Papa gets with rocking room. [00:18:41] So Papa Tokyo and Sakura together, they have a child, Tucker or goes away to bury the Finola. [00:18:51] While Tucker toys away opportunity we're lucky we had [00:18:57] Sokoto comes back Capital One lucky no you have a fight Tucker or wins Tucker all goes away again. [00:19:08] Yeah, it's I really liked this tradition. [00:19:12] Because it really you can see how it reflects the world that might supernova living in at the time you got you got Tucker or going away and coming back and going away and coming back. So [00:19:26] yeah, so Tucker or is the ocean [00:19:30] and [00:19:34] you can see why they would imagine that puppets owner who is with both rocking away and tackle that Mike scenes what I'm really interested in is all the time that Tucker was going away and coming back actually new is still there with capital so I'm really interested in the relationship between total anarchy doing because if you think that like you know opportunity look intimate I would say that second or unlucky Barry look more intimate. [00:20:09] Yeah, so that's that's quite Sufi. That's some of the tradition [00:20:15] and then if you look at the traditions of timely welcome [00:20:20] it's quite different again types of Illinois Jones talks about the creation traditions and I summarize what he's written so don't you know he had multiple partners other than puppets on the woods that paid every no pay to have a new joins us to talk about the relationships in English is that they were both been puppets one of them were bisexual and a sexual so lucky new a head head six with other path was lucky Noah gave birth to children. telemarketer who was and paranoid Jones is telling is also male. [00:21:14] had sex with another male outward [00:21:17] character, character gives birth. [00:21:22] Yeah, I think this is a really cool tradition. This here's the thing about, it's not my tradition. So I'm not going to speculate or explore that at all. But I wanted to show you that the traditions as tongue to fino, annoy them, as we remember them [00:21:39] show complex understanding of both gender and sexuality. [00:21:44] When you think about them, you can see that monogamy is not privileged at all. You can see that males, especially privileged, you can say that his sexuality isn't necessarily privileged. And the more that you look into them, the more you can say that within the traditions, neither gender nor sexuality as soon as fixed. I'm going to stop there because I want to make sure that we've got lots of time for questions. But I want to before so I want to put some challenges to you. The first is to explore your indigenous creation traditions wherever you come from. Find out what your to pronounce, had to say about the world before the traditions was swallowed up and reinterpreted through the narrowminded patriarchy. And the second is, wherever you are now, support tongue is a female support tongue it's a female organizations support to kind of solutions. Don't try to be an expert on them. [00:22:56] Be prepared to learn from scientific you know instead of critiquing or trying to [00:23:02] for example, if you want to learn about Sangha, fino if you want to learn to real modern law [00:23:09] consider not going to a colonial institution where a methadone is understood within a Western tradition. [00:23:17] Where is at beast relegated to an offshoot of anthropology [00:23:24] and steed, consider supporting your local one on [00:23:29] your on one on a all across the nation? Yeah, and at one on a moto Central. So this place to learn about it. [00:23:39] I want you to think about whose culture you privilege when you organize stuff, whatever you're doing. [00:23:47] And when you're doing things like sitting up beside the spices policy, this isn't a criticism of this at all of this way. But to consider when you're sitting that stuff up? What would it mean to prioritize songs? You know? What would it mean? To do sofa spaces? has to come? Is it something that you could do? And if it's not, what would you have to change to be able to do it at the next way? [00:24:19] At the very least, it's going to mean having really meaningful relationships with time at the funeral. [00:24:27] Yeah, so take home message. [00:24:30] There's a heap of really valuable stuff in our traditions. And they hold generations of knowledge and solutions to the problems that the West is only just starting to recognize things like hetero patriarchy [00:24:46] the list energy that Sangeeta Finola wherever [00:24:51] I having to put into defending our rights to cultural survival the more time and energy we can put into invigorating our traditional and exploring them full database and unique solutions to problems with myself I think that's something we should all be supporting. [00:25:21] I think there was something really good can put them on a sleep deprived [00:25:29] it was stunning. And I'm really honored to be on this panel. But these beautiful woman who I really knowledge in [00:25:41] our gifts to to our to our community throughout Hubbard throughout the week. And I think you should get on the water in [00:25:50] them before tip knowledge tip masala before they get into the home. [00:25:58] Can you start me off I that [00:26:02] you made me think about about a lot of things, a lot of things. So in a [00:26:11] way to begin with again, the scope of my life is huge. And it's more than just three people sitting up. I have to say [00:26:21] the ways and beyond queer theory. And you're not around here to straight it straight on the first slide what is clear, and it's a blank white page. And I have to before I start before I start and I'm not packet Beijing, I'm just saying things that are from my heart and what I believe Okay, so in what I've been taught in Martin another it's been taught to me from my my Superman, and so right through and then again it is it's a pocket and so you can't put a pocket to an indigenous person just to make you feel better for themselves. Yeah [00:27:12] No, it's not. So I'm the starting point. I'm going to start with this this to put up my hand the stupid Sukkot is I [00:27:23] sticking stick and it's also the learnings listening stick as well. This taco taco was presented in the last who took the subway I think I talked about before. And this taco taco tells the story of running and Papa decide here is Ronnie the side here is Papa these quarter in the middle in Philly are the children not all the children with these different stories there are a lot of children and these great stories and then here is our connection. The connection sorry, the gods connection to us. We call it so people okay so the next we I wanted to start off with my 40 lawyers there right at the beginning right the creation story right at the start is homophobia right during the days all these mail Gods like MC and one boom one space hundred or so of them. Line dear old IK and doing nothing [00:28:35] you've been asked to be [00:28:37] honest Come on right at the beginning of creation these mean getting it on I'm sure [00:28:44] so I'm and I have to say a climax work from [00:28:49] students. games I've been in history [00:28:55] and and that's what he brought up. [00:29:01] Yeah, I mean sitting in this beautiful space in the DAX naked What do you think? [00:29:11] goes back goes back. It's a pre European wave. [00:29:17] Like our lovely Pacific follow and lovely people from the Hawaii there's a lot of different words and different areas and different peppers in different genres. And the word Khattab we was found in the writings way back in the day and way back in the day, the writings of to tannic kind MMO sort of satanic and animal [00:29:44] is the one who swims g7 [00:29:51] there and one of the stories that is written in it. And so our famous book, I always forget the name of that, but you'll find out online just go online Google stuff. And these are writing of the word Taka, Taka is written in India. And that's what the word taka taka means. Companion of the same six. So just the Companion of the same sex and [00:30:22] satanic right. Hey, a companion [00:30:27] to Tyler gray hair companion was the same six and his name was tricky. So the word goes back way back in the days and it wasn't until till the arrival of the church [00:30:43] and pack of it the word was demolished and wiped out and basically see the date we're talking today stands for gay and lesbian. [00:30:56] So you went to a key and you went to say they really okay? [00:31:01] I'm all for movement that is reviving the word and bringing it back to our people. [00:31:07] This is what we do and [00:31:09] we live the word Bry the word we shouted out in pride and and it's back to me it's big. It's waving 26 years since the way it's been going so the week took a tough week and [00:31:25] how Emma [00:31:26] is a little bit of a mix to the story before anything before any one of us attack a tough week we have money [00:31:38] we EK from God's in from super full beers. So before I tell anyone and I stand up there may or instead of making a guy here My name is Mike and I'm successful. I think you all know my name is Mikey and I come from Hungary and they will you need to know a fun time for top we are legend that later on when we're having a drink it's not something good idea. First and foremost and say yeah, I was the first and foremost today and I come from Toronto. [00:32:12] So I'm [00:32:15] with the we took it up with well and different Rohit means different things like a top way back in the days means a companion of the same seeks but also means and other places. The local midwife the person was the local midwife. It strong hands delivering Big Brown babies pulled baby and other places to cut up we were the Chiefs friend and beat while he was at war, because no one will ever go to war. So the chief of a little tech attack we knew would host of midnight [00:32:57] the we're talking talk when edit e we is [00:33:02] another war story as I've heard that took a talk with a people with a young few minute looking voice that really can't things and the light myself. Pretty gorgeous people enjoy the party mean to come on and show and show from the backs and the vacuum in we'll take a look at these beautiful mighty woman line with the back showing of course long here of the wreath like sitting in the cabin. And I get really many many customers thus far away. And all the mode was turned around and he killed right The only [00:33:45] time that we're going [00:33:48] yeah, and I've heard stories of that as well. In my own local community we didn't have the words we had a word which is the but we are renowned for this we talked about mighty English master together and mixed minute the mighty mighty everybody's got an Eastern and we don't even have a nice man to the top. It was poor swinging for us when he was the time was one word that we used to they are all people use for a feminine acting main. And he had a role in the community. His role was to decorate the kitchen so beautifully with every flower and everything that he could find outside of the next bush. He was that guy. He was the person who taught the guild's how to cut back in swing the point he was he had a lot of roles and communities he didn't he not only stood on the Brian May he can also get out the door Wyatt and entertaining from one having done [00:34:52] so the way it took a pathway was this [00:34:58] is who we are. [00:35:02] Okay mate of mine. always did. Don't forget where you're from [00:35:07] and who you were. [00:35:10] So, Justin 14, Michael little. [00:35:14] Again, my name is Mike McHugh and I don't [00:35:28] questions. Anyone [00:35:36] knows that word. [00:35:41] You know, pocket go all around the world and they look at indigenous people, you know, see that doesn't belong to the Dutch there was a word given to the Netherland people by a packet person as I was taught So, as Molly our word. [00:35:59] Do we need to be confessed by a word that encompasses us? Because I'm not able to wear a KI [00:36:09] first and foremost not a KV. I'm not a Mountie, not a New Zealander. I'm too good. So this morning I work. Yeah. [00:36:24] That was saying I knew where to come from. [00:36:31] I believe [00:36:35] what I believe in is it it's up to the individual [00:36:38] where they're from. [00:36:40] And if they believe that their body, they believe that to what they believe that [00:36:46] they believe that it's up to the individual that either [00:36:51] you believe in and attached to me is outward. To me. Yeah, I believe money is every I'm a human being. Yeah, but to encompass. [00:37:06] I believe as us as a married people, we [00:37:13] don't want to say it's another label. It's a name [00:37:18] that I'm proud of, that I'm proud to be called Manny, and identifies where I'm from when I'm outside of the country. Because no one knows my little town, but just do the haka. Yeah. [00:37:36] So I think I did surprise me when I'm out of the country. [00:37:40] Yeah, don't say it much. When I'm here in the country, I can say angry, [00:37:46] and stuff like that. [00:37:48] That's what I believe it is for me. [00:37:52] next [00:37:55] mission and off on the side of the road. [00:38:05] Not really, um, [00:38:06] I think I probably agree with both of you. I think that that money is often a really useful term, but that within or when you use the term, Marty, the specific relationship you have with your financial, your specific Rohit gets lost. And so I think it is really important that, that we say where exactly we are from, but I think politically it's a useful term as well. [00:38:40] My body [00:38:49] I've got another one for you [00:38:52] know, we all different different areas, if you know it, and we all have different horrible creation and whole Keita to play. To to play. Tiger Woods is knocked out of the sea putting it in one in a title shot to play is is is the Kairos everything that is alive in the sea. And he did them one is the sea the body to shimmering the waves, the first few races and all the dead. You know, Jonah [00:39:35] sighs up all the matriarchal things, which is water, which births, apps. [00:39:49] You know, we talked about the creation and all of that, about the main and it and we can talk from the icon. You know, they talked about all the gods and legs, but into boy, all those Gods had the female. And, you know, I watched on TV one time about bringing Beckham marriages. To me not having the marriages as a man and a woman, as they have today. Bring back the marriages that were you know, because you took you you touched on how publishers, we had her lovers and he knew he had his lovers, whether they were male or female. [00:40:51] Hello, everybody. My name is Holly. And I'm getting very privileged to be here today especially to listen to that kind of speakers. I just wanted to meet you guys. It was really a mind opening experience for me to hear your point of view, this [00:41:11] way of describing ourselves and I just wanted to touch on your qualifier [00:41:17] about the creation story in one of the questions are always put to my to pronounce and my ancestors on the east coast from that group as as a man as a woman, who are we as people to place those who are we putting on our calls. So when you were speaking about this creation story, and how we as a center of excellence, we have never been inside must be placed into the male body was female was, but we are an instance of a champion in a day. Tomorrow understanding EO as the Lutz's the life source, and that is not a manual for female, and from EO come. [00:42:10] From EO comes in one comes all of these [00:42:15] life lessons around us, you know, and so when we were touching on as we are mounting, I feel like if you need to say that your mouth is to accommodate others in society that you are queer is to accommodate to others at the top of the you know, others understand who you are. But as long as you might be one side, nightlife can really define [00:42:56] that you guys, you guys are just totally blowing my mind. [00:43:01] So much to [00:43:10] really find overtime last last when [00:43:14] I run a charity that supports queer trans [00:43:23] definitely need to set up support [00:43:26] groups of schools. [00:43:31] And try to get really hard because I want [00:43:34] our organization to be very helpful. And I want to [00:43:38] do community [00:43:42] resources out there. [00:43:50] There are many resources out there. Yeah, there are. And we're like a minority inside of minority inside of minority, especially Pacific and and Marty people interpret up with people. So I'm [00:44:04] here. [00:44:06] I understand your struggle. I understand where you're coming from. And the only thing I can say it's not a remedy. But just take your context when we go and I think you've got one we gave each other time. So we'll try our best but it's Yeah, it's really hard to find visible happy signal Renata, he was still in school. And the hard thing with us is we don't want to spring them whether it's cold. I don't want to be doing there was a going through such a big time. But it's really cool. When you do find one who's proud of who they are, know where they're from. And young. It's just using that person finding that one person is the key. Yeah. And we have a couple in Auckland, but still haven't found one Wellington to grow nothing fake and narrow in the clubs, they mix the [00:45:04] and not like that. [00:45:16] I'm going to say we like to know we making sure that we're [00:45:32] getting the messages that we want to get across. [00:45:40] And I might extend good was by Tommy. Yeah. I have a support network, a national support network of TechCrunch. And they're just ring me and tell me how it is and what the facts are. So the human family and so that makes it so good. I'm doing good job. Cindy. They raised me I know, they certainly they certainly are it's a bit of a rough, but I try and keep in contact with all of them via Facebook pages, and websites and stuff. So yeah, I know I'm doing good so far. so far. But it's [00:46:17] you know that the message is getting through? [00:46:22] Like, getting through the library, my success, like [00:46:29] what is [00:46:36] this working? yet? [00:46:39] It's the way for me. Yeah, just like wait like a tough way for me, because I bring the final to give a standard of any label has gone by annually because of funding. But I keep in contact all the time. And that's the way bringing everyone together to celebrate who we are and where we're from. And that's the total, it's working for me [00:47:05] to say to someone, the quarter of the panel, I think some of the important messages that have come through today has been understanding the context or the cultural context that that we have to look at. So particularly when you look at traditions, whose traditions, how's that tradition come about? as one of the messages that are here today. So I think that some of the barriers, but the what we think we know, and therefore understanding where they can come from and as the genuine thinking because they you know, you can go off on all sorts of wrong tracks and multi quarter was a supporting i think i think i just wanted a bed. I think that's one of the important messages I had today was understanding the context of, of what we know. So for example, I've learned more today about the fact that I am actually privileged as morning male, because of the privilege that has been managed by Marty mean, from a European colonized picture system. So you know, those sort of things. [00:48:32] And I think that's a specific context as well. But [00:48:36] there's other messages for you. [00:48:43] Well, I, you know, [00:48:46] me and mine, he used to your question might be, you know, we might be up which was 16. And, you know, 10 years with the AIDS Foundation, and we used to go to the schools, I think they're going back to into the school should be for better, you know, because we did 10 years of the school. And we did we did very well, didn't we wanted to crack up and Northland You know, there was we had changed in the that were 14 you know, we had a great diversity within all the schools. So, you know, [00:49:23] to the panel, I think we should be going back to the schools. And it's not about [00:49:30] out to them or anything, it's about giving them a voice. [00:49:38] Just quickly to answer mark. [00:49:41] I don't know what I'm doing. That's that's working the Mark and I have friends, I'm a complete geek I I write essays, I put them on the internet, I don't know whether it makes a difference in [00:49:59] contributions are really appreciated hearing today. And from the essays that Kim shared with me sort of previously online, which I found really useful. Just share one little story. I was really privileged about two years ago to be the minute secretary to a workplace Rona, where I was the only coffee house in the room as part of that experience. I needed to share my me so I researched my heritage. That got me onto a whole thing of I'm sixth generation New Zealander. I know we're my favorite couple women people come from it also was connecting it with my faith journey where identify with sat through my doors here heritage, which is multi Pantheon gods. Now a statue for those who don't know, it is the National religion of Denmark that was squashed in the 2000. Because they wanted to do deals with Christians trade purposes. In 1972. They turned it around and save you start trees back as an official religion. But those of us, you know, revisiting our creation myths, which are there and a very had to actually wade through all of the Christian overlay to get back to what to see it right. So it was my personal day. It is both a father and a mother and a shape changer. And you know, have those multiple relationships. And this is a personal path I have done. But it's really quite a knee from externals. And so hearing Toby talking about working with young people FO think, yeah, potentially every young person, given the example of others can be doing their own paths and sort of journeys, and I don't know if you're ready for it. But that's, you know, something that I would recommend, it's been really valuable for people to actually do that looking back as well as looking at. And I don't know if you've got any sort of insights or suggestions for how to help support people on that, because it can be actually quite challenging, I think. Yeah. [00:51:59] Somebody says, Oh, [00:52:04] I have a blog called head Walker [00:52:10] that I think is linked to on the feast. [00:52:15] On the spiel about this, [00:52:20] suggestions, [00:52:21] or [00:52:28] suggestions on [00:52:30] support for people trying to find [00:52:34] themselves [00:52:37] from experience having it's going home, finding your roots, it going to, we you believe homeless is a good starting point. When you believe homeless, and we're not required to run away, when you feel the place you can stand and say, This is my home We are from this is my lane. This is my two, in even if it is duty to Balmoral straight gas that Iran is going to start suddenly. [00:53:14] That's one suggestion I can give for someone who's trying to find themself. [00:53:22] I was this thing people so that something I got locked in from cameras, this idea about the need to create space. And now tradition is because colonization has been such constructing experience in when I think about those stories that we all heard it from the school, most of us [00:53:46] which tell our creation stories as if they are that simple for us to [00:53:53] one particular way and so, so close to Christian [00:54:00] in this this lead status, and a lot of us is not have bought that. Not to really follow me on this because it helps gone in, I think about finding ourselves about opening up this place as much as possible. So we have moved to show my ears and our own traditions, in not not be constructed in that squat. I really, I liked your metaphor about the ocean in that way, because it opens up all the space. And that construction happens in queer spaces that construction happens in modern spaces happens all over the show when we're minority. And I think they were trying to efforts us as business people are trying to make a connection to a field that question which has maybe got a lot happier notions in the space ago, how does bit gonna? How's it is? [00:55:04] Because [00:55:05] it counts for feminism? hugely. And how's it different for us? How is it different in relation to [00:55:14] you, so, pizza, pizza space, but at the same time, lots of [00:55:21] lots of stimulation. And when you say come you don't know what to do. [00:55:28] When I'm at university, and I'm going [00:55:32] to start with a guy you [00:55:35] got here in here, and those spaces that open up this space for me to be able to bring something back to my class, or to my people that I'm surrounded by that opens up space within [00:55:57] like own personal experience thinking out loud. [00:56:04] I could be used the United States and they're sort of almost I guess, like on the internet, like identify as a queer women of color. But yeah, those terms do fail to to, like, define experience in a lot of ways. And just thinking about space, though, I think that what returns like, what the term queer dictionary was, like, give [00:56:36] is a space for identity definition that was like outside of the family, because [00:56:42] I come from sort of, like conservative family and I guess I'm just interested in like that, that that problem is where if you want to be connected with some kind of like, cultural heritage, but to do it, like another Tad different from how your kids are, how your family has received that cultural heritage, like I don't know if that's ever been, I mean, and in a different context, obviously, but that's ever been a problem in more restructuring, right? And [00:57:18] I'm Marty Catholic. And so the church is a is a huge component, and my little village where the Catholic Church [00:57:28] originated and was born. [00:57:30] The Catholic Church came the missionaries came through the harbor and started the Catholic religion and this have we i, where I'm from my coma tomorrow, people took on a church with open arms and to connect so took the church on so much that we don't have carvings memorized in in Ocala. And because the chip said it was pornographic so all the all the cabins came down with the Mariah and they will be so like growing up has Dade County they all want their i want i wanna i want to go to like I've been to where I've been every and they got beautiful Mariah. And I've got caught when I said we don't so jealous and angry at my old people, but there are like, it's not your fault. So yeah, I went through a religion hunting thing. Like with like, Marty had a religion before. Before the Catholic Church, we've gone what's happened to it? Whereas I try to get it out of my old people but they wouldn't say it was I was kind of dishonoring my my comments query took the church on so he went through the more Christians more fighting with my people and to find mike mike called cultural identity was I was lucky enough to grow up and right in right in the heart of it I'm a Mariah baby as they say. So born on the man I and just lifted eat in breathe the language the secret and the the matter and all those kinds of thing that knowledge the culture, it's all on them and I funerals weddings, birthdays, you live and breathe it in you it just becomes natural. Your situation so that's how I live my cultural identity tequila for someone trying to go back to find the cultural identity [00:59:36] go back to the Mirage [00:59:40] I don't know go back to what you believe you're homeless. Like I was saying before. [00:59:47] My my journey [00:59:50] probably couldn't be more different from yours. [00:59:53] I you know the diverse reality of growing up in this colonize land I [01:00:01] I grew up my family's Parker, I was adopted into Parker family, who were told that I was guaranteed by the Crown by the government that I was Parker. [01:00:12] So I didn't I didn't find out that I was from Colorado until I was 30 something. [01:00:21] And [01:00:24] yeah, so my journey is really different. There was when I went to the one on a [01:00:30] to get the support that I needed to go home and talk to my fellow in the bluff. [01:00:40] Yeah, I think to me, [01:00:43] you know, being queer being at the one [01:00:51] I can call myself queer, I can put myself outside of the water and culture by giving myself this label. But actually [01:01:00] I want my culture to make room for me. I want to stand outside and give myself a label to do that. And I'm not saying that it's easy. This has been reasonably easy for me because I'm doing it is [01:01:15] nearly 40 year old woman [01:01:19] much harder when you're younger. But that's that's what we have to be working towards. It's got to be the ideal to make our cultures have a home forums [01:01:33] if they don't already [01:01:38] well, I don't think you'll find culture within religion because religion belongs to the United States pocket word. It's a word. Yeah, when I was growing up, we did have things to do much work on it and it was all all our prayers all our chance to heal. And you know, when you when you do to, to it was clever, we we took on Christianity, but we decided that the whole book in tomorrow he said we could still teach our people our language, you know, so we put the whole book into Mali, all those scriptures in there. And it's not about the David whatever. I don't know inside the Bible. It's the blades behind the words. You know, because one of the one of the x and the treaty is that they abolished tokenism you know, and and to avoid taking on Christianity and just making this book into mouthing well, instead of reading it in English it was all deciphered into Molly but it was the words behind the words that are people who were still teaching I'm are included religion but way of life yeah [01:02:55] thank you [01:02:58] so echo what people have feedback about [01:03:02] everything that you shared with us [01:03:05] honestly and candles for us as well. So if you'd like to join me in thanking [01:03:23] continuing [01:03:32] to take [01:03:37] Koto Koto the porno decoder [01:03:49] my [01:03:58] care for you okay skier [01:04:07] Joe nice the [01:04:12] Moto moto [01:04:17] EWTC [01:04:22] it all the way [01:04:25] to the [01:04:32] colonization okie KRKYEB [01:04:44] Tata Tata [01:04:48] Heidi KTNZF no entertainment media queer my till open a [01:04:59] good night a [01:05:03] move to my [01:05:15] family for later Okay, Me too. Me too many ETYB in the whole name quick. Give me [01:05:30] a Trello hokey pokey. [01:05:39] Cut a cookie. [01:05:49] cutter cut so a trickier [01:05:50] quail. [01:05:53] What [01:05:55] is [01:05:57] Tomita? hokey. [01:06:07] Welcome [01:06:09] to [01:07:17] PA

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