Chechnya Vigil

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride and So, [00:00:07] the reason why we here is because of the incident that's happening in Chechnya. It's the reports that I've heard have come from London and Canada. And that is 100 Gaming had been dragged out of the homes, tortured and abused. One lady made a statement to the British press that who 18 year old son, you know how you been journey like this. his knee was smashed. So that has really been up, not down. He was dragged out of his home, you imagine as a mother, or as a brother of an 18 year old boy being dragged out of your home. I mean, going missing. Nobody knows where this boy has [00:00:55] been because England has made a big fuss, then America, and Sunday was Canada. In New Zealand, we decided to run concurrently with Oakland, to show our disdain for what's happening in Chechnya, and to bring awareness to our New Zealand government to the Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, to ask him if he would do something you imagine, do we all know that outage? That happened in the second world war with the Jews, that same process is happening now. [00:01:33] And the more silent we are Nash internationally, the more people will die. So if we win here tonight, those people over there that are suffering, and then a frightened about what tomorrow's gonna bring just the fact that there's someone listening on the outside, can you imagine how uplifting it is for them? [00:01:54] I talked to the police commissioner yesterday, and told him what we were doing today. Apparently, the Russians very anti protest. So they're going to get very angry feelings. [00:02:09] So watch the police commissioner as a host. in Oakland, they're going to chant, I gotta make a lot of noise, because aren't at a square. Because we are here in Wellington, we will offer the steps of Parliament. But I see to them I'd rather not go to Parliament. We have the embassy right here. Why don't we stand outside the embassy and just be quiet. And I think taken take this opportunity to be still and think of the three mean that were murdered on Thursday. And that 18 year old boy that disappeared. [00:02:43] Now there were there are full questions that need to be addressed. So we're going to ask them concurrently. Oh, hello, previous? [00:02:53] Oh, I can't hear you. [00:02:56] Oh, a tiny. There have been three murders, my love. [00:03:01] We just have three murders and teach me and my love. So we're just here paying homage to the people that were killed? [00:03:12] Yeah, can she can hold my last bubble? I, I can't hear you screaming at me like that from way out there. So what did you say? [00:03:23] Oh, no, no. Could you kindly come asking Converse, that would be delicious. [00:03:31] So I guess if they do want to talk, we're going to be as diplomatic as possible, and said, Okay. And I think as honest as possible, if they're asking questions, we will be deliberate with our answers. [00:03:44] But I'm going to hand this time over to Jane, I'm just going to converse with Roxy. And I'll go and see what these people are doing. [00:03:51] Kyoko I'm here on behalf of the Green Party, but also the parliament tree range network, which is a group of employees across all the different parties in Parliament, who are standing up for LGBT rights. And we just were asked to come and talk about what's been happening. And Amanda's you know, talk to you a bit about bed and some of the reports and we know that the US have condemned what's happening in Chechnya, the european union president has also spoken out, and the cross party network has written to our minister of foreign affairs, asking him to stand up and ask the Russian government to investigate what's happening, that needs to be clearly immediately and into the violence. The men who are being illegally detained, must be released. And there needs to be proper investigation into what's going on. And Emmett and around the world, we need to stand in solidarity with those mean, and they are gay, and bisexual men and men who are perceived to be gay, or bisexual, who have been taken and detained in what has been described as concentration camps. And that we know that speaking up is that silence is a form of death. And without speaking up, we are in some ways, and allowing that violence to happen. So it's really great to see all of you here. And we will keep and leaving them waiting to hear from the minister and pushing if we don't hear back from him soon, about the New Zealand government's response. So that, you know, government can stand up on behalf of all of us to make sure that we're part of a really strong position internationally, that human rights are universal. They're not just for some groups of people, you know, and there, sadly, are still too many countries in the world that don't see us as fully human. And that means that and places like out here, where we've made certain progress, we have more duty to be able to stand on behalf of those other people who have been silenced, and indeed murdered as as the case in Kitchener. [00:06:39] So thanks. [00:06:42] Oh, and I should have said to that grant, Robertson St. He wasn't in town today. And I did say I would pass on that. He's here in spirit, and as part of the cross party network, and is doing whatever he came and looking for the opportunity to support as well. [00:06:59] So Jen, why has become being so slow to respond? [00:07:02] I I'm not sure. And we know that actually, New Zealand's being really good on these issues in the past. And I know, when Russia was pushing the traditional family values platform and the UN Human Rights Council as a trying way to suppress LGBT rights and discussion. New Zealand was one of the Active Campaign as against that. And we've, we've traditionally been one of the global leaders. So if I'm hoping it's just for administrative reasons that they haven't, you know, spoken up yet. [00:07:37] But apparently, there are no gay people in teaching. [00:07:40] I yes. [00:07:42] Yeah, there's no problem and there's no gay people and which, you know, like, how disturbing instead it's just such an extreme comment in it. You know, though they are echoes of that for me in terms of some of the schools in New Zealand have said that there's [00:07:59] no Hello? [00:08:02] Yeah, [00:08:03] sure. Please. [00:08:05] Take your god yeah. [00:08:09] sending this to the people in Kitchener [00:08:10] who've been detained for being gay or bisexual. [00:08:19] Okay, [00:08:20] what's your position [00:08:27] Okay, thank you. [00:08:33] position here [00:08:36] Oh, what's your position here at the embassy? [00:08:40] You [00:08:40] know why we're purchasing I'm not speaking good speak English [00:08:44] gentleman you speak [00:08:45] Yeah. [00:08:46] Good [00:08:48] job [00:08:48] Yeah, you've [00:08:53] got here violin in Chechnya. This gets funded a lot in the car and I'm constantly that sounds like is it Wow Yeah. These are the $6,000 plus crowd in time land on this weekend [00:09:12] Yes, good job. Mina can concentrate sounds like isn't this is this list is listed to max lot of this list this is gonna [00:09:25] take one more picture please. [00:09:34] Please, please together you you you you [00:09:38] No no no. [00:09:45] Okay, please [00:09:47] Okay. [00:09:52] Oh [00:09:56] my face Yes. What do you mean [00:10:03] your son killed by [00:10:09] unfunded mandate [00:10:11] and concentrations lag isn't in Roseland this is Nicholas. There's [00:10:15] two lakhs August listed as content that sounds like China finish list. [00:10:24] Yeah. [00:10:26] So if you if you could imagine if this is what they're doing here and now country, mentioned what they're doing to the gaming and chips here. And it was another I don't know either. Roxy's given you any information yet dropsy, have you been able to talk a rocket is got amazing information of how we can support [00:10:45] the people over there. But another thing that I noticed was I didn't realize out of the population of teaching here. They have no gay people. [00:10:55] Kiss, kiss, so don't believe that. Neither do I. But you know, this is this is we creating history here, everybody. And this is empowering to know that, especially seeing so many young faces, you people, little Dino edge. We won't be around for either way, like your co mattress for the comments on the MRI. But we won't be around for either. And the thing that absolutely grabs me and excites me so much is that there are young people willing to stand up and have a voice and speak when no one else came. [00:11:38] Everyone, as Amanda touched on before, she said I had a few more ways and what she could help raise awareness and help with the course there's not much that we can do being a New Zealand but the smallest things really can make a difference. The first thing that you can do is you can write to your ministers, you can write to your local government officials. I know we've got Jen here and we are waiting to hear back. But the more pressure that we can apply, the further and faster will get a response. get run over by cars makes me nervous. The second thing we can do is that there is an amnesty international petition running at the moment, what I'll do is I'll post it into the Facebook event when I get home so that y'all can click through and link on that. [00:12:21] There are a number of organizations collecting donations directly for LGBT q plus groups on the ground and Chechnya, they're operating underground. Obviously you can't be open, you can be proud, you can't outwardly help the people in age, but there are organizations that are working externally to provide that money. [00:12:45] So I'm sure you will know the background to this it has been covered before. The most important thing is that this is a peaceful vigil of solidarity. This is this is not an outspoken action this is this is a cold so I government for action to show that [00:13:06] we care and that we're watching and we support our gay brothers and [00:13:15] here's their whole game interested in a page and the Russian region of teaching I being held and concentration camp style presents. Russia newspapers and human rights group report that more than 100 gay men have been detained and connection with the non traditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such as part of a pitch. Several people will say report the Fed did following violent rights. As a follow on from that they have been three confirmed fatalities. And the dissemination of information is not really flowing freely, sir, there's no accounting, how far that's moved on. [00:13:51] reports have emerged since that demeanor rested are being kitchen horrific, horrific concentration camp style presence with violence, abuse and torture is common and reports of electrification, there is reports of biracial, Beijing's the main [00:14:06] some of the men, some of the hostages are being released on the provider, that when they are released back to their families, the families most of them, there is no [00:14:17] there's no way you can escape from that. And it's chilling response situation governments white space and denied that there are any gay people to the chain, insisting that you can't attain and her as someone who doesn't exist in the Republic, that is a direct quote from the spokesperson, the criminal and also denied any knowledge of a pitch. So they're denying any things they've been hitting in the first place, which is delightful. [00:14:40] The purpose of this evening is just I paste Whoa, standing in solidarity with those affected with their families, they love us, their children, their co workers, and everyone affected as such. Yeah, so basically go and check out the links for that the event for those petition links and make as much noise as you can. Silence is empathy. And empathy is not what we need in 2017. And not what we need. Fighting against something like this [00:15:11] kind of thinking. [00:15:17] Someone else wants to say something. Anybody know you young people can like [00:15:25] I remember [00:15:26] when I first got the [00:15:29] call. [00:15:30] I remember when I got the news alert on my phone, that this was happening. [00:15:36] And it immediately brought my heart because obviously we know that Russia doesn't have the best track record with, you know, LGBT rights are human rights for that matter. And then yeah, reading the report, that there have been people murdered, that they're being tortured, but I think Worst of all, that they're being forced to talk to each other. The reports that they've forced to beat each other and out each other and cause more harm in the community. And that really breaks my heart. as a as a 19 year old game in it really breaks my heart that there is the island I'm so privileged to live and to be born in New Zealand where I don't have to worry about holding my boyfriend's hand on the street that I'm fear of being tortured and imprisoned for being who I am. And yeah, I think it's really important and it's so heartwarming that we're all here together to share in that message of sorry that solidarity and that message of hope [00:16:32] and stand with human rights across the world because if they have not asked in Whoa. [00:16:38] And we are we could we can't go on heard. And it's a real I think privilege to be able to stand here and speak openly with a pride flag around my neck without fear of reprisal. So I'm really privileged to be standing here and glad that I can share that privilege to help share the voices of those that have been silenced. So yeah, thank you for [00:17:01] Kota. [00:17:05] Kota, Tina. [00:17:09] Hi, Amanda last year, I mean, the remainder Okay, so [00:17:15] you can't stay on the road. Should we? Should we move you need to move on to the footpath know what and this driveway here? Right? You have to do it. We'll do it. You don't need to. But you need to do it. on the footpath you cannot. People come in it's a very [00:17:32] straight [00:17:35] onto the footpath not blocking the driveway. [00:17:39] Yeah. [00:17:39] What is the protest of [00:17:43] the gathering food stores? I know it's [00:17:47] been a tongue and cheek now. Yep. With three mean. Yeah. So we doing here and they were LGBT? i? [00:17:52] Yeah. So we just here paying homage I can. laying a little how long again to stay here. [00:18:00] We didn't actually have a time frame took after. [00:18:04] But it is a secret note. [00:18:08] And [00:18:09] no matter what. Right? Yeah. [00:18:10] And to make sure those men are taken out of the tension and released and make it safe. [00:18:19] Okay. [00:18:33] Okay, don't get called. [00:18:37] So be aware [00:18:38] about the situation here. [00:18:40] Now that the situation Teach me how can you not be aware that there's [00:18:43] no hesitation and to snap his? [00:18:48] check, make sure [00:18:54] there's no situation in Chechnya, and there's no situation outside your embassy? [00:19:00] Yes. So does everyone needs a little update on what's happening my life? [00:19:04] Okay, so what's happening that far is the New Zealand Police Department has officially come to support us really. And the biggest concern is that we stay off the road as much as possible. Because what we're doing is we frightening people, as they come around, they see a great big, huge White Christmas tree and they want to run. [00:19:25] So if we can not frightened people stay to the lift. The boys who I spoke with his name, his best year, he didn't give an official position with the Russian Embassy, and he didn't really want to speak while he was being recorded. So I couldn't ask him any questions. And the police have just informed us, if I can put it to you simply, this is just like being on a Monday, we have to have as much respect for the to printer, for the people. For the FEMA, we would if we were gonna step on to a man I [00:20:04] gotta I'm Stephen, I'm part German. And I actually grew up with the history of the German people and concentration camps. And it took me it's part of the German psyche, I guess, to you take a long time to process the history. And I had lots of conversations with survivors of concentration camps. [00:20:27] And family members who experienced this. And I'm, I'm just horrified that in my lifetime, people would be taken away and locked up in concentration camps, for being just like me, and like, you'll, I'm just, and I'm also disgusted that our government hasn't put out any statements in that regard. I think the European Union is showing the way and I just wish that our government [00:21:00] you know, lift up to their dreams of being, you know, liberal democracy, an example to everyone else, there's so much more that we can do to raise awareness. And, [00:21:12] yeah, I just want to thank you, you and everyone who's here. Because this is really gives me warmth, it's my heart, that there are people around the world who care enough to stand up and and and say, This is not good, that's not good. We need to change things. But I also like to remind everyone that what's happening in China is horrible. But there are other countries in the world, like Uganda, and lots of African countries where gay men and women and others are persecuted as well. And which we cannot forget about them as well. So are, you know, the rights and the freedom that we enjoy here in New Zealand is really a privilege. [00:21:59] We need to remember those who are elsewhere for not enjoying the same rights and, and still activate to, to try to change that. [00:22:09] Jonah, thank you. Thank you so much. [00:22:13] I'm on I'm Shelly, me. [00:22:18] I came here with the intention of protesting, and to give a bit of an explanation of the markings on my hat. And on [00:22:28] the back of my jacket. [00:22:30] I was struck by the irony that police in Russian police carry the label homo, on their on their uniforms, that's rushing for police, but but the irony is completely not lost on me. And I wore that label, and represented myself as say, outlandish police person for the purpose of highlighting the ridiculousness of water going on. And not just with the program that's going on at the moment for gay people and, and church now. But for the whole issue of bigotry and non inclusiveness that [00:23:19] permeates the whole world at the moment. It's a global issue. And and it affects all sorts of different people. Queer folks are not aligned. In the struggle, people of color, still struggle, women still struggled for a status and recognition and so many different countries, there was an awful lot of work to do and in the form of human rights, and, and it's, we all of us are fighting for the same in goals. Wanted is great for us as a queer community come together. And and in a situation like this, we shouldn't lose sight of all of those other [00:23:58] people who are suffering, dignity and bigotry around the world, and a myth for many of them various forms of violence and abuse. [00:24:08] And we need to, and we need, I think, to pull together as a whole all of our groups and all of our supporters, and come back to it as a whole. Because I firmly believe that if we can do that, and stop pulling together, and the commonality of have our own individual goals and achievements, that will suddenly realize that actually, we are probably the majority. And that we can, if using the power of people effect, real physical change, we need to change the narrative by which we think and operate. And that means turning the binary on its head, and accepting that diversity is the human condition. And not not binary. Binary is just a part of the human condition. And all of us are human. And we should start from that level of thinking, and oppression, all of our problems, and all of the issues from that perspective not trying to accommodate around the binary narrative. That's where we lose all the time. [00:25:11] Nikki, Shelley, sorry, can I just keep sending? Does everyone know what binary means? We will do just because I'm not used to this? Surely Can you explain to me what binary means? [00:25:25] The binary narrative that I refer to as the narrative that I grew up with that mean, when Mio [00:25:34] women were female, that there were only two Jane does that that was the basis for all existence, life, particular human life, and that all of the rules, all of the regulations that I grew up with, with bolt, and based around that, so the segregation in terms of toilets and, and all of those other things that we've come to accept as normal. And that's the danger. That's become the normal. So everything that has happened since in terms of human rights, even, even the homosexual law reform is based around accommodation to fit with that normal. That should be the other way around. Okay. That's my argument. Thank you, Shelley. Thank you. [00:26:22] My food. Hi, I'm Lynn. And my first response when I'm hearing about the church near torture cancels with any society that persecutes one group makes the whole society unsafe, because that means there's no freedom at all, for anyone in that society is just a climate of fear. And it stifles growth and creativity, and just freedom. That's my basically my response. [00:26:45] Code. Thank you, mother. [00:26:48] Hi. So [00:26:51] I'm American. So I think especially concerning my country, and everything that's just been going on lately. [00:27:00] I think it's so important. I think what matters most is education, is people will just don't understand. They just, they just see it, and they're like, Oh, I don't want to bother, or I just don't. They just don't understand it. And I think it just takes education and [00:27:18] just understanding and and I know it's kind of ironic, because we have Donald Trump. So, [00:27:25] um, but that's why I came to New Zealand because I was like, I do not want to put up with that. So I just left. [00:27:29] And I think a lot of people now [00:27:31] realize how important it is just to get educated and see [00:27:36] even the people that you're putting in power, you know, just how [00:27:40] how much power they have, and what they can do. And it's it's scary. [00:27:44] Yeah, and welcome to New Zealand. [00:27:47] Thank you for having me. [00:27:50] Hi, sorry, I wish I had a stole [00:27:55] I'm Adrian. Tomorrow, I'm going to [00:27:59] the working [00:28:02] at a who he that we throw in for you for Craig. [00:28:07] And I'll be doing a couple of workshops there and just hanging out with [00:28:13] our young ones. And I know that a lot of them have been feeling really feeling less. [00:28:19] And so a lot of what we plan to do at the holy is like support and uplift and build back the confidence and strength again. And I definitely will be mentioning this because this was a lovely turn out and a lovely thing that we're doing. So I just want to thank everyone for joining us [00:28:35] shortly. Thank you Mr. Gay weddings and congratulate congratulations. [00:28:42] I was talking before somebody suggested I should perhaps get it on record. [00:28:48] Couple of years ago, there was a protest outside the Australian High Commission I think it was here in Wellington. We were concerned about Western Australia and it's legislation to take indigenous people from their tribal lands and bring them into settlements not which probably to not be not unlike concentration camps and form but anyway, as an aside, we gather as a slightly larger party outside the Australia and high commission we did block the entrance way and we did block part of the road there was no police presence. I just thought that might be a point of interest in relation to what's going on he [00:29:35] does anybody know? It sounds [00:29:43] very solid. [00:29:44] See is [00:29:46] a very amazing young [00:29:52] body later [00:29:53] and she's been saying very humbly quiet as but I think she should come up the front. [00:29:58] Come on my [00:30:03] song [00:30:07] is somebody go just on a demo [00:30:10] it I'm going to [00:30:12] have you today [00:30:22] lucky. [00:30:31] Lucky. [00:31:11] T [00:31:13] my, [00:31:55] your [00:32:00] the [00:32:04] D [00:32:12] to we [00:32:17] k [00:32:55] key ky [00:32:59] c [00:33:11] Okay, cool. [00:33:19] To [00:33:31] quit [00:33:44] Did you feel [00:33:47] ya, and the way I sang that. [00:33:53] And not to call where I'm from that song is always some to Korea pass. So as a child, I was told when you sing it, you sing it as if that queer was inside your, your, your team inside your body. So that when our target or he is it, he knows that you were singing to the deed. [00:34:21] And I think that's appropriate. So while I sang that second verse in my heart, I thought of those mean [00:34:31] that may have been alone. And they didn't have a wife. [00:34:37] And I hope that somewhere in alpha in one [00:34:42] that they would have heard that song [00:34:45] and knew that I was singing like I was singing it to my own. [00:34:49] Because really when we pass from this world, everyone we are all blood [00:34:56] and bone. In same you there is no distinction [00:35:04] between color or gender. [00:35:08] The only distinction that we have is the other hand the love that we leave. And this is something you can all be proud of. Because right now you are showing your idol her and you are showing your love. [00:35:19] And hopefully those mean that passed and the people that are in pain right now a feeling us and knowing that somebody in the darkness keys. [00:35:32] So that's a great thing. [00:35:35] And for all the people all our two pointer that have passed a few here tonight, and you have a mom I or a hoot [00:35:46] she that quietly to yourself and know that someone's listening and that someone keys [00:35:57] I think now would be a really poor time to just bow our heads Would anybody like to offer our prayer for tonight [00:36:07] just in memory of those that aren't here. [00:36:12] And also to come in right? [00:36:15] Those noon and teach me that it passed me because they're the reason why we've come together [00:36:25] to know the glory of [00:36:33] God which is [00:36:35] no matter where we come from. With this, we're all hurting. Because our brothers and sisters are hurting. [00:36:42] We just want to [00:36:45] leave it at your feet and show our love and how much we deeply care for our final across the world and we just we we put it down and we wrist and that things can and will change and have changed we who have faith and the power of community and of coming together and of singing and not a violence [00:37:09] and we just pray that it at a time such as this that we continue to come together continue to put love at the forefront of our tongues and our actions. Were so thankful for this privilege that we have to sing together and to use our privilege for those who don't have the same rights as leader right now. [00:37:33] In your name, I pray amen. [00:37:39] sing one song [00:37:46] Hello [00:37:58] the t [00:38:01] he he [00:38:23] calm [00:39:00] hey [00:39:05] my no [00:39:12] yeah, whoa. [00:39:30] to hop on at 13 at portfolio a moto Moto, moto cookie, Koto Koto to find a cure thank you so much for being here. [00:39:44] I'd like to speech the think Roxy you little true paid just amazing. anybody needs anything done? Find her on Facebook. She is amazing. She's like I Dream of Jeannie. [00:40:01] Honestly, Roxy, thank you from the bottom of my heart, my love. Thank you so much for coming and doing this and being you you are delicious. And to our gorgeous MP, Jen Loki, let's have a huge round of applause for them. Thank you for your continued support.

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