Carmen Rupe memorial, Auckland

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in [00:00:03] in association with the mega hacker Foundation and the New Zealand AIDS Foundation Hello Welcome everyone. [00:03:25] taka taka, [00:03:26] taka taka, Taka, [00:03:28] taka taka, Taka, taka taka, Taka, Taka, Taka, [00:03:33] taka taka, Taka, taka taka [00:03:38] no data [00:03:41] at MIT pocket pocket [00:03:58] party [00:04:00] hola [00:04:03] como te [00:04:56] and although they [00:04:58] do not kowtow to on a team that [00:05:03] was in a [00:05:06] gutsy mommy wakes me up to go to court up to my wife eating a one hour later a team that according to Kota, Kota [00:05:20] fight [00:05:28] for Naka to know we had to keep the pools and no data cap for too far no money, common culture. My my employee happiness, my put a new family Tina Kota know my know my cuddle might know my husband, Mei [00:05:57] 14 a [00:05:59] doctor [00:06:02] Tina, Tina, Tina [00:06:08] tipa to automate [00:06:12] to utter heroes [00:06:19] know they walk you know, Tina Tina, [00:06:27] very briefly, I'm not going to keep you long. But it's an honor and a privilege that I don't get very often to speak in a place. That's not my. [00:06:39] So, greetings, first and foremost, [00:06:44] the people of this area, and I'm only speaking [00:06:49] who is coming today, come on well, and it's a nice to be here. And so interested, I'm privileged to be able to speak and to welcome you formally to this memorial service and community for Pamela. And Sophie, those of you who have brought in memory and the memory of the other fellow that has been brought in here, greetings to you, Calvin from her home place for her friends and loved ones who come from $5 million from Wellington, from all of you have gathered from our table, and especially those who come especially over from Sydney to bring it to us. So we can see greetings to you. Tina, Tina, Tina. Tina, [00:10:58] ladies and gentlemen, please make some noise [00:11:33] Mr. [00:11:38] He [00:11:43] she was [00:11:49] scary pictures. Is [00:12:01] smiles me get to [00:12:08] the way who you gonna get it? [00:12:20] every single day. [00:12:30] If we had the chance to do it. [00:12:38] Would we David? Maybe do it again here. [00:12:44] So now, tonight we're celebrating a fabulous girlfriend. Carbon repair. Yes. What am I doing like noise screen [00:12:55] the cemetery gonna be repeated. This is it. [00:13:00] Young Ones and some of the young ones have no idea that a long time ago when I was a little homosexual. We could have gone to prison. [00:13:09] Later. [00:13:11] Life was really [00:13:12] hard if you sort of name and he was up for it. You did it. Because Mary had a respectable job. They were an MP [00:13:22] some stuff in place. [00:13:29] So have lots of dates and lots of saying a few surprises. [00:13:34] But just relaxed if you feel you need to stay in the mood around memorial and I'm so glad that you're here. We didn't suddenly the funeral and we chase for the first time. How long have we known each other and even a nice four months. [00:13:51] We're glad you're here. Thank you for coming. And thrash. [00:13:56] Relax. And it is a mistake. It's a good thing. It was not rehearsed. Just whatever comes out comes out. Just keep it honest. And [00:14:07] she can't see here this company is this evening, miss. [00:14:19] Candace Canada. [00:14:21] So [00:14:33] we had the chance to do it. [00:14:39] Would we like [00:14:56] was to remain [00:15:03] cheese cheese on [00:15:10] the telephone. There was a comment on [00:15:18] the coffee lamps, and maybe the flour and the fish and accessory shops. [00:15:27] And those areas, Smith and Kelly don't have those like, [00:15:31] like, Christine. [00:15:44] We [00:16:00] so many stories, I would say Well, nobody else is going to say that. But I did watch, you know the music common because that was one of the reasons she took the name, Carmen. And those of you don't know I have friends in Australia who are here to come to me. They will tell you later that officially when Carmen was later issues later is as a woman. And that's an amazing, beautiful thing for her journey. So I was watching common musical but also the platform. You know, the famous Dorothy Dandridge? [00:16:32] Obviously not very [00:16:35] well, we're lucky this evening, because my dear friend Jackie cloud is going to sing song. Quick. [00:18:40] She stopped. [00:18:55] Canada. Got you. Bye. [00:20:10] Thank you, Jackie. She's fantastic. [00:20:15] Now for you speakers are coming up. You know, some people want to stay in some you won't feel free. We're very lucky because as you know, carbon is the last of that generation. You know, there's a handful of you here now. There's a whole room of you here. Now be honest, actually. You can tell that road queens [00:20:36] stand up. [00:20:37] Come on, stand up. Come on. [00:20:45] Come and join us now. [00:20:56] Monica here a Navajo is [00:20:59] down tickling the [00:21:02] Nazi Party, [00:21:04] and it can never lose my mind. [00:21:07] What did I say? My [00:21:12] man at one tree, you know tree anymore. But I reside in Wellington now and lived in Australia as well. And it's a great privilege to be here to talk about somebody that was a lady. [00:21:26] No matter what candidate in life Cameron was a lady commonly the swore you never heard come and raise your voice publicly. I think I only heard it once. [00:21:38] privately. She wasn't one to to help evolve them out. And she was a very respectful lady. She was a very giving Person A lot of people don't know, the common that I need. It was very generous giving. She donated to charities. People didn't know about them. When she had a business. She gave charities. She wasn't a person to talk about those sort of things. She just didn't. I used to go and see her in Sydney after she lived in Sydney and I was in Melbourne. And it was always come out for lunch and she would show and there was no way you would get to pay. And she also knew that people were ripping her off in lots of ways because she had a girl that used to work for by the name is Shirley. And Shelly bought this car and this is Commons with as I said she's a great DJ, but she had a very dry wet. And she said to Shelly, oh, I see a border security with my money. Where are we driving to do? [00:22:44] Someone can I know the best job is to steal. You know. [00:22:52] But you know people talk about her career. [00:22:54] And she [00:22:56] did that. People forget that she was very loving person, she could move across boundaries. She was just that as as a home at City Mission. Up in Sydney. She was sitting mission here before she went away, she's to go to the soup kitchen. And she was a legend on both sides. And it was never nasty things Cameron never did bad things that made us look to be ashamed of who we were. She made us proud to be weird. And she was a person that wasn't afraid to stand up in the limelight when she left. But you know, she made them pave the way for us and for people that probably would never learn what they were or were too frightened or didn't believe because in my day, I first met Cameron when I was 13 or 14 years old. And she was maybe 2324 she just come back from Sydney. She was working for right and hosted the top of Queen Street and there's real Queen Street It was called opposite to Dora. And I had a friend that which and the door and Canyon came in this beauty Gian the same long here looking absolutely amazing. [00:24:06] Shut up to the counter, they have a local [00:24:10] ministry Lyft I said to the girl behind the counter, she might mean she said hey, you know, I don't know. I just feel it, you know. So I followed her work. And she used to work as I said, another Queen Street. And they used to have a guy on the door. And I used to be watching every time the door opened, I'd be watching to see if she was on stage. And she felt sorry for me because I've been there really every night. And she said to the guy, Lisa range and he wants to watch she's not going to do anything. So I was allowed to go in and watch the show. Efficient she was and she even knew me from the virus side, you know, but she knew we were found out. And yes, I think that people gotta remember, the woman, the woman that gave to all of us gave us jobs when people wouldn't give us jobs. I mean, the balcony, the coffee bar, enemy and also a nice day. A lot of people didn't know that we were queens. It didn't get out into one the mountain started these dirty raging sprung happen. And all the girls I didn't even made it easier for time. And they come up to the balcony. And look at all and I take over real girls as being [00:25:17] the Queen's [00:25:22] so it was you know, we had great times. And it was hard time she changed the I ran away from walking because it was so torturous. I've released for the dogs on here for you in the lockup every night. And she changed those that for us and 1966 when she got arrested and was brought in court that there's no law against dressing and the opposite sex as close to cause the flame you say the example right in the face, and she wasn't doing that. So that made it so much easier. And that was the first fit for us to get along, you know in there. And I just like to leave you with a little bit of view with as I say Cheever allowed us to pay for lunch you go there and she tell you where to meet you go and pick her up. And but she'd already arranged the day before that the meal was paid for whatever you know, or if you were leaving she'd be trying to put money into your brand is gone and a cup of tea on the right hand. She was just like a mother to us all you know, in this day, we got away with a little bit of Fox sitting in Sydney and my friend Natalie and Jason here and [00:26:30] and I don't know if I can [00:26:31] do it in this Skype But anyway, I had an issue I used to hide down here when I was thinking the more difficult colleges so so gay that it's like a church that I used to hide from the boys they're having to label with my bus stop yet the ground, you know, anyway, right with boxing and she says in the end she said to me when she was talking about somebody came up about being in jail because we're always getting picked up and thrown in jail. And she said don't build the base the stick the booty free the people like you and that's how I used to hit it with my plastic knife. You know, just if I used to say, oh, how disgusting. I wouldn't go. [00:28:18] Welcome. [00:28:21] When I was asked to put a song together, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I've written hundreds of songs over the years. [00:28:29] And [00:28:31] I kind of remembered [00:28:34] that common possesses qualities that I believe you're like me [00:28:38] would aspire to. [00:28:40] She's graceful. She's beautiful. She's full of fire. She's courageous. I think [00:28:48] any girl would love to grow up be like [00:28:52] I don't have like a talent me this evening. I just have my voice. So I'm [00:28:56] gonna sing a song called some days. Hello. [00:31:32] Our next speaker [00:31:33] goes by I made him properly when I'm like Don Draper. And I say Tim coffee is years ago, we created a show called Carmen's international coffee lounge about 9495 and I met this man he's the ceilings. gossip columnist of the things he knows that well, you know that I'd like him to come and speak now. He is also David Hannah is the patron of the bright the variety of music. Very close colleague friend of common in boys music gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David how not? [00:32:13] To say that I don't have any memory. I know two languages, English and rubbish. And I've made my life writing rubbish. But [00:32:23] if my boss told me one thing, it's happy endings. Only movies common told me that about 20 or 30 years ago. She may be very well right now is the time as a celebrity gossip columnist working and interviewing stars and celebrities all walks of life. And let me tell you, there are [00:32:43] some people [00:32:45] who no matter what [00:32:47] will be a star. And Carmen was one of them. I used to pick the phone up at her and she say darling, tell me over. And I just thought no, no, no, she say start off like the gossip. So like that to say, welcome. And I'm not wanting to do that. And she used to love she said, that's what I want. I want all the gossip and she loved the gossip. She loved movies. It was extraordinary. The vocabulary that she had on all movies, which was quite astounding. You know, she was a diva she was style icon an artist and a very generous soul. Over his lifetime as you see people rip coming off, exploitive her and her uniqueness to common ever complain? Never did she held a grudge? Never. She just go along with doing what we love about being become. At this point, I'd publicly like to thank two gentlemen that I met at my house through common. And that's Robin, who are here today from Australia. And I'd like to personally thank you for looking after Carmen, what happened to her last breath. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for coming back on the 19th 60s, even when she was a person who did watch either out of passion, simply because she wanted to not because she had to rely so much that she was blessed with a wonderful dry work. As you said it was just extraordinary. She should have been a stand up comedian. She had a unique fashion style, as my friend said on the $2 show. And I think a common every time I see those clips on those. [00:34:28] She was a trailblazer for New Zealand gay community. She certainly open floodgates to transgender people and for drag queens. [00:34:38] But you know what matters most to me. It's not the dry wet. It's not the way she dressed. It's the baseline that will go on a headstone between the year of Hubbard 1936. And the year of death 200 million. You see that dashed line represents all the time that come and spend a live with is here on Earth. But the only family and close friends will know what that baseline was really worth. I'm so very proud to say that Cameron was a dear friend of mine, an extraordinary friend. During that deadline. There was nothing more than an entertainer lights [00:35:19] and a standing ovation. [00:35:22] I'm going to ask you all now, if you wouldn't mind standing, it goes. This is a final curtain call for Cameron. So would you mind standing. [00:35:32] And let's give her the elevation that she deserves as an entertainment. Let's hear it for common the entertainment. [00:36:02] Thank you for doing that. And I'm certain that she's heard that rousing [00:36:05] applause and brought a smile to those blood red lipstick colored lips [00:36:11] that we all love so dearly. Thank you [00:36:13] for allowing me to speak on this day. About my friend Carmen. [00:36:18] We celebrate her life and her times, [00:36:21] there was only one [00:36:21] car and there will only be one common. And my lips will not be sealed when it comes to talking about this wonderful lady. Thank you. I'm [00:36:43] a wonderful person [00:36:44] to say to be friends and meet [00:36:47] people like Jesus really. [00:36:56] today. [00:37:32] Think about it. There's still seven countries in the world. [00:37:37] Legally homosexuals. And we live in this amazing country. We are in a church celebrating this most amazing woman Carmen. And I know buckwheat interesting thing. And I've gone but they were very close friends of Commons. They do they go and they've got they've gone. You guys want to say anything. There's a legend for now we have Richard Kingsley from the Human Rights Commission. Thank you for coming to today, Richard. [00:38:15] I've already done some great things. But I'm now [00:38:18] putting on my forehead. [00:38:20] For the Human Rights Commission. I'm a commissioner with the Human Rights Commission. [00:38:24] And the human rights of people who have sexual orientation different sexual orientations and gender identities is one of the areas. [00:38:36] I am a suspended gaming again, [00:38:39] just in case you were wondering. And it's been a great privilege to be working for the commission. And [00:38:50] I want to pay tribute to particularly in our previous speakers it mentioned made mention of this particularly you David of the amazing contribution, Carmen made holy life, to human rights for trans people, for gay people, to least be in people, for bisexual people for intersex people, because she actually stuck out for all of us. [00:39:18] I've got some nights and if I don't use them as a range of right, so I am going to refer to them. [00:39:26] It's really important to know that human rights internationally agreed in a 1948 New Zealand was one of the signing, drafting and signing Heidi's to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [00:39:44] One of the first statements they think [00:39:48] all people are born free and equal in dignity and human rights. And that applies to all of us. Not just people that we like, not just being that we approve of but all of us because we and for me Cameron has two things I'm getting most in common is been in this regard. And in fact for our whole let me say rainbow community and those of us who belong know what that means. She's playing in monitors. He run Attila [00:40:25] may hooky hit property. [00:40:28] She's playing a leader profit. [00:40:34] every way that we have gone, the terms of human rights to sexual, sexual and gender minorities. Carmen was there sticking up the flag before us. [00:40:48] Before Stonewall, [00:40:51] Donna told us about the court case where there was a laid back rolling let's see that's not going to be illegal in this country. For people we close some of the other seeks before stifle and Stoneham as same as the genesis of the modern queer rights movement. [00:41:11] And before Scott Hall in New Zealand, he was counted. [00:41:17] Before the 1996 privacy Law Reform Act, there was countered, [00:41:23] running [00:41:24] for the mayoralty in Wellington, before the inclusion of sexual orientation, they prohibit discrimination grounds and the Human Rights Act in 1993. They was callin [00:41:43] before prostitution, law reform, and 30,000 for they was counted against relatives and males. And in 2006, and a number of you here, I know we're party to this was the publication of a report by the Human Rights Commission to be who I [00:42:08] can know who I wrote to, [00:42:13] which was the report, the final report of an national inquiry into the rights of transgender people. That was initiated by the Human Rights Commission, in conjunction with the trans communities of New Zealand. And it's well well, well before that, it was common. [00:42:32] Those words that are used at the start, and mighty. [00:42:38] He ran a cheetah means a chief. It doesn't just mean a chase. But it means that it comes from lava we've Tina, the people, and the chief leanness is that the ability of the Pacers to wave the people around a top up around cause around a reason. And then was common. And the other way total pity. It's a transliteration of the English word prophet. And of all, in any tradition, the prophets are the people that stand up and call the people to where they need to be. And so for me when she died, somebody asked me what, what did I remember common most is and for me, Carmen was a prophet, because she had the guts to stand up and be [00:43:35] counted. Well, [00:43:38] other people, were saying, I know it's gonna be okay, we'll sort of get by Well, actually, some people didn't get by, and she stuck [00:43:45] out for them. [00:43:48] And so for me, she was fabulous as well. [00:43:53] I was, [00:43:54] I was lucky to be alongside Keven here and a number of others, and participant in the games in 2000 into in Sydney. And those of you in Sydney, I'm probably telling a bit of your story. But there was a group that was set up by the modern Pacific people called Wild Pacific, which was there to support the Aboriginal people, and the guidance people, and they hosting [00:44:18] games, and Carmen [00:44:20] was right in the middle of it. Absolutely. And so Donna, when you're talking about the loving mother, and all that sort of support the experience, she was right in the middle of everything, and suddenly supporting the local people supporting the queer community, we had the first either indigenous peoples queer indigenous peoples conference in the room here, and some of us were there. And she was right in the middle of it, supporting it all the way to the front, right. She was under the bed MAKING IT guy. And I agree with you, Danny, she was always a lady. [00:44:57] Remember, we left the venue and we went back [00:44:59] to I was going to stay in Surrey Hills. I was billeted in Surrey Hills and we got off the bus at the same time. And I walked there all the way across the street because the ladies shouldn't be left alone and sorry, homes by themselves even though she is the queen of Surrey Hills. So I remember fondly for all those things, but from a human rights perspective, [00:45:19] particularly a Latina, [00:45:20] a property a chief and a prophet calling us to where we need to be we need to continue to be an allies [00:45:29] killed a counter [00:46:26] much more [00:46:27] than this. [00:46:40] But then again, [00:46:42] defensively [00:46:45] I did [00:46:48] what I had to do each [00:47:07] mo much more [00:47:10] than [00:47:12] she did her [00:47:55] feelings my show [00:48:06] yo [00:48:22] Hello. [00:48:26] She didn't [00:49:30] and [00:49:30] Cindy has invited you after DNA on Kairos after this event is Heather big speakers at a climate family so it's only 100 meter walk between each one so what you do is you start at one the others no one here goes the other one. That's what they do. They own it kind of emulate sort of gay rituals. Let it be Friday night we do that up and down to each other's clubs. But we're all going to be there and it's been really friendly and come on down. We have to thank you people. All the volunteers today [00:49:58] when been JT walkie over here. And the cameras [00:50:03] on sound and all of Jordans crew from the UCLA foundation fact Jordan at the back waving [00:50:09] over the air. [00:50:11] Yes Phaedra have another one. [00:50:15] As soon as Cameron passed away, he was the first one to ring we went up to Sydney in the soil. And it was because of Jordan that Jordan and I there created this event but this young man is brilliant. And I'd like you all to give him a round of applause he said God with Medallia nicely got other now that way. Alright, moving on. Here we go. Oh, yes. Now. Unfortunately, Gareth can be here this evening. Some you know, his friend Lloyd Morrison passed away and he was a patron of Gareth so guess his apologies. We do have childhood MP he is the I love this shadow Attorney General reporting the Labour Party for your title is getting any shorter [00:51:03] when the independent [00:51:05] press the child shut out and members of the Labour Party from it party. [00:51:13] Bad news the wall. [00:51:23] Hi, Tina Koto, [00:51:25] Koto, Koto, Koto, [00:51:28] I am not a program, I'm Iranian. I wasn't originally going to speak. But my colleagues and I wanted just to come along and sit here and be part of a tribute to Canada. As it happens, Jordan asked us if I would say a few words, on behalf of the Labour Party, and on behalf of the New Zealand power, [00:51:54] and it's a real honor to be able to do that, as a tribute can. [00:52:02] It was to who is here she's my [00:52:04] parliamentary colleague, the Member of Parliament [00:52:07] for money valuable. [00:52:09] And Judith is the former member of parliament [00:52:13] for open Central, [00:52:16] and also the former Associate Minister for arts, culture and heritage is here. And really what we wanted to do was bring the respectful greetings of all our colleagues here tonight. [00:52:31] And of course, also to bring greetings from [00:52:35] our face can sexually [00:52:36] impede Georgina Bala, [00:52:38] who I was thinking of as all is with us in spirit tonight. [00:52:45] My partner Dave and I were having lunch with a partner and they had a copy of the order of service from Carmen's services certainly last month, and it's a wonderful document if you get the chance to see it. Because it reminds us of so many aspects of Carmen's life is a fantastic photo of her on the notorious mobility stranger and things cross [00:53:14] and she's wearing a fantastic flamboyant great outfit, his bags attached to [00:53:19] the handlebars and the as a flowing scarf, [00:53:22] but on one page of the order of service is something a bit more poignant. [00:53:29] is a list that common [00:53:31] right back in November when she realized that she was [00:53:36] approaching the end. And that seed [00:53:41] when I die, [00:53:43] please make sure [00:53:45] that my hair is tidy [00:53:48] that my lipstick as well applied, [00:53:51] that I've got my black dress on, and that I'm wearing my mother's Greenstein Nicholas, and bring my sister and timing no Italy. [00:54:01] For those of us who remember how well organized, Cameron was, he is proof that bits of truth that just continued right on till the end. [00:54:12] Really agenda was telling me a story about the famous occasion when Carmen was hold before the privileges committee of the New Zealand parliament. [00:54:24] And here's an ironic twist for you, I [00:54:26] Chilean committee. [00:54:30] But the reason she was called before the committee is that she was standing for the Wellington narrative. [00:54:37] And she made a public comment to the effect they were, as we heard earlier in the school again. [00:54:42] Well, of course, in the 70s that was implying that [00:54:48] they were members of parliament who were engaged in [00:54:51] illegal activity, and so [00:54:53] called cannon was great before this committee of the power just got the power to [00:55:00] President and fine [00:55:00] and devil suits of drastic things of the privileges of the Parliament, and finished [00:55:08] anyway, as Judith was telling me, all the members [00:55:11] of the committee would mean, they were exactly two women's toilets [00:55:16] and the entire Parliament Buildings at the time. [00:55:20] And at one point during the proceedings, in a very loud voice, Carmen asked [00:55:25] if she could please use the ladies. And if [00:55:27] somebody would show her where it was. [00:55:30] Well, there was a stand in silence, [00:55:31] neither go back to help her until Judith. [00:55:36] Andrew tells me that once they finally got to the ladies, there was [00:55:42] much shrinking and laughter. [00:55:43] Because Carmen show Gina how to apply her makeup. [00:55:55] Again, for those of us who know common [00:55:59] history [00:56:00] was in the middle of a hearing, with all the drama and pent up [00:56:03] play that power can deploy [00:56:05] before a committee that couldn't find here or put her in jail. But she insisted on his Tennessee and [00:56:13] no one was going to [00:56:14] stop here from using the ladies. [00:56:19] Gentlemen, [00:56:22] this is a celebration of Carmen's 75 years on our planet. [00:56:28] And we should celebrate all the wonderful joy [00:56:31] that she brought into our lives. [00:56:35] But as we do so, Let's all [00:56:37] say when you want to make sure that the things that Cameron stood for [00:56:42] dignity and equality, and also a bit of glamour, [00:56:48] I think is that we all continue to strive. Thank you. [00:57:38] For the makeup fact. [00:57:40] I never knew this one comes to me right [00:57:44] now, I would like to bring up one of our mini queens of Kairos a dear friend of carbons who I know like many of us supported common in many ways over the years. She needs no introduction because she's the brightest neon spot in the entire room. living your dream. This is Robin. [00:58:11] I'm not gonna say I just want to say it's a journey. It's a parade and it's a Mardi Gras for everybody. And I just [00:58:20] want to give a special tribute over here to Carmen's fabulous family and all of you in the room this evening and the church from Tamar no aid to all Clemens to Wellington to Sydney Australia 300 and to 22 Riley straight that was Commons the most fabulous place she lived in I you come from 1996 and she was always that anti you always wanted an icon I would bring common every Sunday once a month at it lady on the dock and over the years she would always answer the phone and she would say [00:59:14] okay, how are you? Okay, [00:59:16] good girl Holly. [00:59:17] Yeah, I the mixtape was always the same everybody I'd say get a pen and paper [00:59:27] pen and paper and outside because I got a 74 to five times a year about Sam flying and all this [00:59:36] time [00:59:38] write it down to just repeat effect. The same procedure she you opted to an over the years when I went to her house and Riley street there was the better paper but the time the day and our past. [00:59:56] So the Friday was going to sit down right here the night before. And that's a comma i you really [01:00:05] should go make sure you here at six o'clock Miss rubbing, I'd say we're going to be there at six o'clock. And we do the same procedure on the Sunday night. The cab would pull up at 322 Riley street every cab driver knew that address. It doesn't matter we're gonna from my old you [01:00:23] in the comments [01:00:24] house with some razor and get her out of her house and she be in the most fabulous color for [01:00:35] writing flowers. vapors favorite color was red, black and white. And I had fennel and Sydney. That was the colors that most of us wore. And over the years. It was a wonderful parade she lived when we'd go see here. I've been to 15 gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. This is my 16th year and Carmen was one of the only people in the parade everyone that was actually announced there were thousands on the parade and that announces Sydney's icon Carmen rupee, and the crowd would applaud her. And last year. I went to Sydney six times to see her [01:01:26] and bring her and she said, right Dana, can you please get me two pools and two oysters. [01:01:38] And I the last beer last his last year health declined as we all know. And the visits they went from Riley Street and Stonewall hotel where we'd go on a Sunday night. And it ended up of course, St Vincent's Hospital in St. Vincent. Hello. That's but when his name to Patty. [01:02:05] She was a diet. But we still have [01:02:10] time wasters. And who tunes and last year was the only Mardi Gras common even when Tom and then health go slightly worse. And then in November and October, we went to his 75th birthday. And what a celebration it was everyone the city came alive. And then overnight from November to see her and we set at the risk time [01:02:45] and she had her fishing shirts and a slow rain. [01:02:50] cup of tea with five sugar. [01:02:55] That was more Miss rhiwbina one more. Been that afternoon I just want to share something I we all have to her room. And I put her into into her beard and I lowered the persons in her race time. And she said right thing that is one West Side always wanted that they changed the Mardi Gras name to the Mallory [01:03:27] Am I see before an errand she dies dolphin she woke up again. She got a nice to snuggle winner. [01:03:37] You come and and I took out your little butterfly heat thing she his own for her here. And I gave her a drink of water without the news is knowing. [01:03:51] And [01:03:53] that was the last time I saw her and her final words to me was a common old minute guy. And she goes writing being [01:04:11] in three weeks time as the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. [01:04:15] And she has a flight going at Oxford Street with 100 people. And we're going to be on that float. And before I finish what I'm going to say thank you for the years. Thank you for the years for all of your friends of mine and thank you for the years common that's a famous song by Shirley Bassey. [01:04:37] And [01:04:40] in the last 12 months, I'd like these three meters stand up Robin you can go from Sydney, Australia [01:04:57] and Mickey [01:04:59] couldn't make it but these three gentlemen IV here are the three that went to her Reese time every day. And how [01:05:10] and please give them one more big pillar and welcome thank you [01:05:19] and all the fourth of March come a new journey and parade from the bottom of Hyde Park Oxford Street into Taylor square down Philander your whistle come through your Mary grab float will be there [01:05:40] please put on [01:05:48] the streets it's [01:05:50] going to be the Mardi Gras [01:05:53] just two or [01:05:55] three other people that bring me today was the management of stone wall hotel and oxygen straight they see the love [01:06:04] and of course the divine Miss Kay couldn't make it today so please some wishes to all of your family. Thank you for me Miss Robin and God bless you and happy happy Mary brown [01:06:23] well on that note I met that you three gentlemen last year as well we've been looking after comments we would actually like you to come up please and say something These are three men who looked after Carmen every day for a year they didn't miss a day and then I chose a wishes to carry out the funeral as I requested the legend in [01:06:43] da go killed [01:07:01] a two and a quarter pathetic [01:07:08] to try to [01:07:10] correct him according [01:07:13] to Leo to [01:07:17] calculate the fire [01:07:21] TV he goes [01:07:24] okay Richard to cook for community cafe Heidi to the kitchen here [01:07:32] in LA manana Tierra in [01:07:36] Manila TV TV coach [01:07:40] in any way to make [01:07:43] it a man [01:07:45] of the hour. A [01:07:50] property to [01:07:52] take it away. [01:07:55] away to [01:07:59] go tiwhanawhana [01:08:01] Tempe not a hip hop. [01:08:06] Leah to [01:08:14] attend to being a movie about [01:08:18] who you are my captain you know [01:08:27] Timmy Timmy Kotick the Father [01:08:31] Francis [01:08:32] a couple young okay to 35 edify to [01:08:47] nearly [01:08:49] immediately [01:08:51] normal to all the [01:08:57] My name [01:09:00] it's always been Dum da da everybody's say to me Oh What's your real name is Tom and he says I just keep it as your stateroom but [01:09:10] I couldn't live because it's my neck Don Diego but [01:09:13] it has been a privilege and I know that the ones from certainly would love to be here [01:09:20] we are the face for when we feel the love [01:09:24] to all of you and to [01:09:28] curry curry [01:09:31] cook way to know my [01:09:34] pop up to [01:09:35] my delight to be because it's [01:09:43] so easy to speak model because I [01:09:46] knew this but [01:09:47] Kevin see [01:09:48] always be a shape to do but you know she always said to me look whenever you meet someone [01:09:55] always say hello [01:09:58] to me united doesn't matter you are we come from it's just [01:10:03] lovely small. So with favor to to select the [01:10:09] site comfortable no [01:10:14] pity who [01:10:18] category [01:10:20] Quito media [01:10:22] detail. [01:10:32] Thank you Diego. [01:10:36] My name is yoga Hoffman. And Robinson. [01:10:42] Before I get started, she'd like to say thank you to Donna and to Richard [01:10:47] for actually commenting on them on common and of course [01:10:50] common as the [01:10:53] lady. [01:10:54] And as we all know in this room cannon was the absolute lady. So um, thank you very much for that. [01:11:03] I was one of them for guardians of common. [01:11:08] Robin Kelly, and [01:11:11] nice Chanel, [01:11:13] guardians. And I looked after cannons carrying more, they just dragged me into look after her [01:11:19] finances. Okay, so I did my best on that regard. [01:11:30] I was fascinated by Carmen. I mean, we met only 11 years ago. [01:11:34] So it hasn't been that long at all. And she was fascinated because she had some great stories to tell. Okay, and that's what really enthralled me and brought me in. And it's just magic to be able to sit down and listen to come and share those stories with us. [01:11:49] Because as we all know, common had a [01:11:52] remarkable life. [01:11:54] And we heard today some of the things that she actually achieved. So we must not we must forget and I don't think we will forget. [01:12:04] There's a small group in in Sydney, small group of us who were trying really hard to put together the common rupee Memorial Trust, [01:12:13] okay, the charitable, it's a guy to be a child of a trust, we can have a trust deed drawn up a little bit of a delay there, but it's kind of happened. Okay, because Commons legacy now makes to be on it, and it needs [01:12:26] to be protected. [01:12:29] We're also working on on the common Opie Memorial Trust website. So that's coming your way as well come in, okay, Memorial, it's going to be it. So you'll find some interesting information on that in the coming months. So we're looking for support obviously can't just be us over and rz we're looking for your support as well in relation to the in relation to the trust. So welcome all of your ideas, and [01:12:59] you can sing those tours via the the web page or the Facebook page. [01:13:15] A couple of weeks ago, were asked [01:13:17] by Karen Perry, thank you very much to pin a few words about common and fun. And I just wanted to share those with you now. [01:13:32] So Robin and I put this together for common it was all about family maintaining a strong sense of belonging not only with those linked through blood, but also with those thousands she touched over the decades through Association and friendship. [01:13:49] Common did not discriminate. [01:13:52] Common was for community. Common is forever farmer. [01:13:57] Thanks for the opportunity. [01:14:05] It's amazing the amount of paper I have here. [01:14:09] shuffling away. [01:14:12] I'd like to end I'd like to finally [01:14:17] tell you a little bit about comments Christmas [01:14:18] present. I couldn't get to her. [01:14:28] And it links into common as the lady [01:14:32] Collins actually the prep own ending of some real estate. I'm not sure if you knew that. She does some real estate me I'm not an Australia, but you actually owns it in Scotland. [01:14:44] And I talked about it [01:14:46] I said her presence actually coming over from [01:14:48] Scotland. She said I'd love a man in a kilt [01:14:54] Okay, so the president arrived calm never knew what it was going to be. [01:14:59] But actually it is [01:15:00] I section of land in Scotland [01:15:04] and [01:15:06] I bought that for her and why I did that is because Scotland has this ancient law that if you own property in Scotland you can actually give yourself [01:15:17] the proper title that comes [01:15:20] with owning some land. [01:15:23] Okay and that title is lady [01:15:27] okay [01:15:27] so for everybody if you ever sort of hesitant in calling [01:15:31] our common [01:15:33] lady common do no longer [01:15:35] okay this now official government does have the legal title [01:15:40] she was my friend and I was always a lovely lady [01:15:53] to a party name is quiet [01:15:56] Robin via via I was actually born and raised he when he found out [01:16:06] and she said oh this was a battle maybe needs ago says it all. [01:16:16] He did you know I was born in town, Missouri. Makes us with assistance. So we've actually been with the sisters for a while. So [01:16:27] that's my friendship. But [01:16:31] unfortunately, in the last 12 months, most of our most vulnerable have been all about the hospital. And I won't go too deep into everything for the last four months. But I do want to share something very special with all lovely people here this evening. How was [01:16:57] a beautiful passing? [01:17:00] She died peacefully. [01:17:04] I was I had the opportunity to spend it on her last night. And can I sign when she passed the room was lovely. And why? Question just heard and I did with the sisters. And I realized my my sister had passed my little sister had actually passed back and I also say [01:17:34] the sun to her being don't [01:17:38] and the ray of carbons that came into that big department before she was taken it was a rainbow of colors that came into the room and not something I will never forget [01:17:56] it is a gentleman [01:17:59] by it's been wonderful overwhelming for the lovely stories. So come outside common past beautifully and peacefully. And I want to [01:18:17] say that someone that used to always get us to [01:18:35] fi t [01:18:38] he [01:18:52] on TV [01:19:46] TV [01:20:15] delegates from Australia and [01:20:18] New Zealand [01:20:22] And now I'd like to just another sister the common the one and only black pearl [01:20:33] at night [01:20:34] at night What a correctly it night tonight, [01:20:36] Tony or Tamika Makoto, Coto de la know [01:20:41] the Renata Nyah comma Tina Koto, Koto [01:20:46] Koto, Koto, my repeat, repeat a add on that they are working tomorrow, so, welcome to our go to our po no data, Emily, keep the finger to the choir, could try to the other co co I, I just wanted to say a few acknowledgments and acknowledge the family, Carmen's family, they do come from a time where you know, a common use the tool quite a lot about how she loved your mom. I think your greatest love was her mother and the love between mother gave to her. And before she was able to share his love with us in many different ways. I would like to say that Carmen's love was enduring in many ways stage. It was its biggest, who ever from Iraq down to the three of them anyway. So I'm gonna die skills from 132, one of the river sisters, so it might [01:21:55] up it's a [01:21:58] good idea now Cortana Dana, Dana thought one of the things that Carmen needs to acknowledge in many ways was when she was coming out, she was one of the few lawyers is to say she was the Ferris motor drag queen. And in many ways, she she laid a path for us. And one of the ultimate things used to say, I was able to invite Carmen to come to Auckland for last visit. And she came to be the judge and Queen of the whole universe. During the show, she seeds. Look what my legacy is. Not only the queen of the whole universe, but the many flowers that are in the garden of what we call queer done with a red sky men, transgender people, these fields cross Jesus, we're all part of that wonderful God. And how true it is. There are a couple key performance that I'm trying to do. And it's, it's I was invited to play the song by Jordan. It's a song that I didn't I very well, but hopefully it'll be okay. Um, it's one of our signature signature tunes, too, because [01:23:18] it was lighting hotkeys. [01:23:23] I would like to [01:23:26] one of the, you might look at Carmen is, and she did have a wonderful life. But along the way, she did have a struggles. And she did say to me that not everyone love to not everyone was nice to Carmen. And from time to time, people used to say, not say nice things to her on the street. And she always is the same response. Or say a little prayer for you. And I'm sure Time is up in heaven, saying a little prayer for all of us, and also radiating out to come right up to come to common noticing America quick quarter. [01:24:05] pipeline to reality, why can we tackle it, I quit my no no. [01:24:13] Not a da da da, da da, da da da, da. [01:24:39] Ladies and gentlemen. [01:24:42] This happens, favorite [01:24:43] shows on. [01:24:49] And now we have the family here. And I'd like our sponsors to come and say a few words on behalf of your sister. [01:25:11] Pretending to be [01:25:16] the filter. [01:25:24] Glory to God, rest was [01:25:29] in peace and goodwill. [01:25:31] But the main thing is always say this be good to everybody out there. If you have something and somebody wants us, to better help criticisms to you. And that's how she's always been, is the way she's been brought up at her hackathon. All of us, we were given the same message. Today to continue to be [01:25:55] one thing I'd like to say this, what's [01:26:01] happened to a third has been predicted. [01:26:05] Now he [01:26:09] is [01:26:21] come back to that later on. But I really wanted to be here just to tie [01:26:28] now MRT in normally means the future [01:26:34] to is staying within the community. Everything that you had said tonight in talking means somebody of principle, somebody that's been saved from all of you today, and how she was where she is. And even with her passing, we still password is being alive. [01:27:00] Look at what we're going to do. In other words, it's a person that can see the future. [01:27:07] And this woman said that she will be growing up with all the spruce up refinery that you can see that she has been wearing in the lady that she took after was what they call Carmen Miranda. I don't know if it is some of you know if it but she was born. [01:27:28] She was a Brazilian lady. [01:27:31] And [01:27:33] in the 1950s 1940s 1950s see that all the time followed in her footsteps. And 19 1940s and 50s She is quite she is the highest paid entertainer and actress in the world. [01:27:51] So everything [01:27:53] even at her you know sitting around she we are and once clearly the jewelry, go out and make daisy chains. We're flowers, all sorts of things. We have loaded inventory up by our house and see to take them inside, put it on a clothes, put it underneath put it in here. And that was what she was like, because she was infatuated with us Carmen Miranda. Until eventually this is what happened. What you see here is what [01:28:34] I haven't got much to say for I just say those two things about our future was predestined [01:28:49] heavenly heavenly winds that wind us from here [01:28:52] to the spiritual world and the boys [01:28:59] are you ready highly forgot [01:29:07] to copia so saving and farewell return to that spiritual place dedicated to serve the people of the spirit world the conclusion here [01:29:22] we all believe that we can make [01:29:24] and I invested into a human body said what's the space is going to be interesting to see what she comes back [01:29:43] into I like to say say thank you to meet remember that he came to a couple of nice theaters teaching us this [01:29:58] we'll see the savings up on the stage keep on looking at me. [01:30:02] I'm in trouble and I [01:30:06] look around I wonder what the heck it was you know that certain people want to provide [01:30:14] and I noticed that I was given a dream precepts on my fingers. Yeah. [01:30:21] Thank you everybody Kiana. [01:30:38] Are we good? we [01:30:41] come to the end and meet some new people and new things. There's a couple of things and it's great that we have their common ribbit Memorial Trust. We also have others of course we have Cartier. We have to do fantastic work over the years. We of course have proceed. Proceed and wanting to. [01:31:02] We're also there's a few workers here and we want to say sorry and the [01:31:07] cable that we're going to get. There are some people here who worked in the original coffee lounge and balcony. Could you put your hands up or stand up he will be had Lola for please name. This is Lola Lola was the most glamorous, glamorous, beautiful creature. He would we a sequin gang and we're [01:31:37] just reading really good you girls can you know because as time goes on, we sort of get them to say something. Yes, come on. Come on over. [01:32:02] And common. Common would see me a birthday card. [01:32:08] of all these cards, but for the names Mika. She had for a surname on antidote to Mr. Nika gutsy. And it was really sweet crush, she couldn't imagine someone not having a say in it. That's a new member, she took you somewhere that ate, it was a cup of tea in a sandwich. And in her mind, there was always this imagination this life that we can imagine the most beautiful things without having the materialistic values behind it. And some of us here help raise money for his school graduate. Here I know Julian's here from the foundation and wine the whole bunch. We raise money for her law school. And we thought we'd do this because she needed a scooter. And I did Maddie gravity wasn't a couple of years ago. And there's a shot of Carmen she gets on the scooter I thought she'd go slowly I'm running down you know, chasing this woman and then she was bored and she [01:33:03] tried to go over the barrier [01:33:06] and the police need to stop here but in this what was common in what do they do open the barrier and move 100 people apart [01:33:16] it's almost the trigger again that's how you do it. [01:33:21] Oh, I love the energy. She said to me and I actually love you know all these things but she said to me years ago she said the song she wanted me to [01:33:28] sing for her and I actually got to the musical [01:33:33] was Barbra Streisand songs as well. So to finish the night before I came out will come up and [01:33:41] I would like to comment Thank you [01:33:59] sir Isn't he but [01:34:25] I would [01:34:32] like to but if [01:35:09] you [01:35:12] would like each know the first [01:35:18] every day of the game be thank you you know [01:37:03] we're now going to close and we're going to be going up to Cairo please join Sunday and my Vienna and all the team up at DNA final will be around [01:37:15] me like [01:37:16] even preserves [01:37:30] there's gonna be a TV specials night on till 10 o'clock without this one quote. Come on. Come on. Just so you know 10 o'clock tonight tonight. [01:37:40] I don't know what time now [01:38:19] cola [01:38:21] cola here [01:38:25] sorry Kentucky [01:38:28] cow he can [01:38:33] come here [01:38:39] hello hello to come here cool [01:39:00] Taiwan [01:39:02] they put a portal applicant pool and [01:39:05] highly highly highly [01:39:11] educated Tai Chi [01:39:19] Chi know [01:39:35] I know they have [01:39:43] a title to cater to two [01:39:51] teenage teenage kids my [01:39:57] hero to [01:40:02] will come in. [01:40:05] And more later Heidi. Heidi. Hi. Totally. [01:40:26] Totally, totally, totally will cut [01:40:31] my wife [01:40:33] a pilot [01:40:41] Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina. [01:40:51] Full fee well, too common in the next week. [01:40:56] Given that we've called them into [01:40:58] a gathering. We need to seeing them away. Difficulty interesting. [01:41:03] And so the final Heaven [01:41:04] will be the full stop to our [01:41:09] according to the end of it. And then we went to find kind of here. [01:41:13] very brief come here. [01:41:16] That will see the 3d to enjoy the rest. [01:41:22] Asked if you will be [01:41:25] enjoying singing [01:44:10] lucky today. Because what we're doing we're doing what we're doing. dig dig, dig, dig, [01:44:18] dig, dig dig deeper. [01:44:22] To come by what can [01:44:27] we [01:44:30] do to cater

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