Bisexual plenary - Proud 2016

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by the Elgar Oceania rainbow human rights and health conference and pride [00:00:11] Morning everyone. [00:00:17] So my name [00:00:20] is lady by [00:00:24] I've decided lead by is a thing of the past. And now I am dang by [00:00:40] we got something interactive. [00:00:46] We can do Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. [00:00:51] We got something, [00:00:53] we got a game. [00:00:56] Again, that involves the issues that are pertinent to people who love more than one gender. And we have some authentic bisexual people here. And we stand proud and ready to share this thing with you. And we think we've got a really on the spot to name for this game. We're gonna play a little clip and see if I give you a clue. [00:01:46] So this game, [00:01:51] the game shows [00:01:53] and we'll hear monetizes as we go. But I think without further ado, let me tell you how it works each our contestants over here so I had a chance to answer one question. They will have four options and 60 seconds within which to respond. So without further ado, Kayla, my first contest Oh, wait, [00:02:15] there's something else? Oh, yes. [00:02:17] I usually with the lifelines so should begun having trouble answering the question they can reach for Lifeline something we want to encourage anybody to do. The lifelines go like this, there's a chance to choose the 5050 Lifeline which means 50% wrong answers to [00:02:40] your next live line is asking audience [00:02:48] so we can put up the audience's see what feedback they got first Lifeline with three called a friend you know someone who knows more than you do about as possible. So give him now the thing about it is we only use them once. So once when they see Justin so she's [00:03:06] except for that lifeline. All right. I think that's all we need to know. So let's invite our first contestant Marie, when you're ready. Hello. [00:03:29] Is my job. I've got three children, the full literati. [00:03:39] Thank you for being here. First Person. So let's have a look at what's coming. You feel ready? Ready? [00:03:51] Okay, [00:03:53] duty or identify as five social generally prefer to be with someone who is a seven generations out. [00:04:03] Be [00:04:05] different gentlemen to themselves. CO genders and [00:04:15] it's different for every fan. [00:04:25] Are you [00:04:28] thinking you got an idea? Just kind of say you I think Hello. Yes. [00:04:35] Hi, weekend is DZ. section. [00:05:05] So super, thank you. [00:05:22] Neighbors, neighbors. [00:05:25] They can make this all happen. So that [00:05:31] is true. [00:05:37] These days. [00:05:39] Oh, okay. So I came in as bisexual in 1980 980. So I can remember the days of signs that have been saying bisexuals back off. I was [00:05:54] really have to say different experiences these days. Live in the [00:05:59] minute of it. I [00:06:02] think that's probably a panacea. [00:06:07] And very happy to say that I'm in a relationship [00:06:09] with the woman who makes my heart sing every day. [00:06:16] Right. Are you ready for questions? Absolutely. [00:06:20] Okay, your approach is [00:06:23] when a person is bisexual, does that mean they are? [00:06:37] VC? [00:07:02] Well, to be honest, I'm pretty sure that all of those things have been said to [00:07:07] me. [00:07:08] So I think I'll check it out with the audience. [00:07:19] ABCRDLVTKJO [00:08:00] fantastic. [00:08:02] Yeah, thanks. I mean, I use the you know, the confusion retreats sometimes comes from that. But when we know that we're changing, it doesn't feel that relevant to me. [00:08:14] threesomes Yep. [00:08:22] Thank you. [00:08:38] So [00:08:41] pretty much everybody [00:08:48] rises not to have your sexuality questions again. [00:08:53] I am Hi. [00:09:07] And welcome. [00:09:14] back so [00:09:15] yeah, so I'm I'm married with two stepdaughters and, and the cats and falling a member of the family. And I work at Victoria University in middle school, and identifies bisexual and gender fluid. [00:09:33] Alright, so you have quiet [00:09:39] which is [00:09:40] most likely to be in hiding about their sexuality at home. [00:09:47] That's a bisexual men. The lesbians see bisexual women and the gay man. So we're [00:10:02] not sure about this one. Where she might ask [00:10:07] us I think I might. I might. I might use 5050 doesn't quite describe it, but I'll use. [00:10:19] Alright, we're going to separate your answers. So now you're left with a and d. Damon. So where are you? [00:10:30] Well, look. [00:10:33] So my original head was Australia. And I'm not in Australia. [00:10:39] So I [00:10:39] think I might the testament sees my beautiful wall. [00:10:45] So I think I might try. [00:10:50] Let's have a look and see. And the answer is [00:11:00] money arises, you have the right to open your sexuality in all situations without fear, [00:11:10] or problems. Sexual. [00:11:22] So thank you so much. [00:11:29] All right. [00:11:32] We've all here for you. So I am I, and I've been out for three and a half years. Sorry, that took a long time. [00:11:46] Two years, and just totally right. [00:11:55] out. How did how did you make that? [00:12:00] You got mixed reactions? Yeah. So the usual stuff. And then of course, grading. Alive, obviously. [00:12:10] But the worst thing was that possibly my [00:12:12] children will not say how many horrible things to say. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay, great. Are you ready to launch our next question? Okay, let's go. So what is the failure for recorded suicide attempts for both sex attracted facility students? So we just need to show the audience here we're using that expression, both sex attracted, because that is what was in the study that was done some some really important research, and that's how they phrased it. So we're going to use that. [00:12:47] It is. Yeah. So let's look at the answers. A zero percent. Being both satisfaction is easy. It's [00:12:59] been the same as all set set. So shopping students see 13%, the same as sex, same sex attracted students. [00:13:14] And d 32%. That's two and a half times more than same sex attracted students. [00:13:24] And I actually don't think [00:13:31] I'd like to come on. [00:14:02] Hello. [00:14:06] We have a question for you [00:14:09] to go our lovely friend last year this year on a show called YO, and she has a question. She thinks you're at a person to answer this question. That is, what is the failure of reporting suicide attempts are both sets attractive? students? So a zero for being both sides of character diseases be 4% of the same as opposite sex attracted? [00:14:53] So see the same as the same sex attraction students Paula or deed? [00:15:13] Thank you. I [00:15:25] think okay, great. That's what the real answers and yes, [00:15:31] unfortunately, that is the truth. Better two and a half times more likely. So [00:16:23] see a lot of the [00:16:30] same relationship [00:16:36] going on. [00:16:46] calendar alright. [00:17:37] Follow, she's made a really important contribution. today. I thank you for bringing in friend on this. [00:17:45] Okay. Just reminder just how important it is that this message is going out into schools and they'll be important work is being done and continued and goes on. So yeah, thank you very much for bringing that extra dimension here today. Thanks Alessia. [00:18:07] You have one right to an [00:18:09] understanding family. We all deserve that. One that is important. your partner's choices know. [00:18:35] Okay, here we [00:18:41] can I go up? famous for [00:18:49] being? The first time I can I was about 15. And of course, is people may know, are they not really. And so every time you know, they're coming out over and over again, guy, but in recent years have also gradually been coming out as probably [00:19:05] being on the autism spectrum. And that's one of the reasons I don't have filters and other really, you know, these boxes that say, Gee, I don't really understand that very much. [00:19:13] And so yeah, Jonathan, and people sort of appreciate [00:19:26] the question. [00:19:28] Next question is, how many both sex attracted students before binge drinking? [00:19:36] A one in 10. Be? What is this half as many as the same second talk to students? Because they get to [00:19:47] see the same as all other students, or D, one into more than all the other students? Can we think? Well, I think the probably. Absolutely. [00:20:07] Well, ladies and gentlemen, [00:20:13] we have really appreciated have you as our contestants tonight, you have made all the difference. Helping us was just having your shiny faces. They're giving us support. And we were just all like to give each other our mutual cloud will have you and you have us. Thank you. [00:20:55] Appreciate seeing your faces here. [00:20:58] I'm saying I've been a member of the position women's group here in Wellington, for more than 25 years. When I came out to my parents is bisexual in 1989. My dad said to me, that he didn't know any gay people. And what he meant by that was that he didn't think there were that many of us that we were quite invisible to him. So when we started planning, we wanted all we wanted a way to tell our bisexual stories that would capture people's attention. Because often when we try and talk about bisexual people's lives in by phobia, like KR last contestant, we get ignored or shut down. And it's a problem because by five years literally killing bisexual people, that's literally killing us. Our rights of mental health because it's so so hard for us to find places to belong, or the worst of all sexualities. Our rates of partner violence, of sexual violence and of alcohol and drug use the worst of all sexualities. And we all know right, that it's got nothing to do with being attracted to more than one gender, and everything to do with by phobia. I guess for me, it's about the kind of armor I wear. When I go out into that strikes this world out there, I put on full body armor. Because I know that homophobia and by phobia, and transphobia have taught the world to hate people like me. And I expect that I'm going to have to regularly challenge that for both myself and for the people that I love. But when I'm here, with you folks, with my over and under and well and truly around the red rainbow family, I want to take at least some of my armor off and accountable was. And these folks up here, some of whom are doing this kind of stuff for the first time today. And all of the bisexual people who aren't here, and they don't even know if they're welcome. They want to take off some of their armor too, because this should be home for us. We want it to be home for us. Most bisexual people only come out and bisexual groups because it's sometimes the only place that so for us. When bisexual people contact me for support. I always say that coming out as a political act. But each person is the best judge of when it's safe for them to do that. So what we really want to leave you with today is if you think you don't know any real bisexual people, if you think that there's no such thing as bisexual trans people or bisexual people of color or bisexual disabled people. I'd like to say the same thing to you that I said to my father back in 1989. Please try and be a safe person for bisexual people to come out to. One way to start doing that is by saying the word bisexual every time you're talking about people in our communities. That's not how that's good. And otherwise to mention by failure and transphobia every time you mentioned homophobia. Ask us what by phobia means because we know and as guess what we need to grow safer rainbow spaces for all people are treated in more than one gender. Because we need you we need a rainbow family to help us deal with the horrors of by phobia. And we want to be part of the fight for human rights for people of all sexes, genders and sexualities. So thanks very much and have a beautiful day.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.