Roshan Mahato

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[00:00:00] This recording was made up a second the Asia Pacific Outgames human rights conference held in Wellington New Zealand in March 2011. [00:00:09] What How did you feel about the first session this morning? [00:00:13] Oh, I see any fantastic any interesting. [00:00:19] Really good and participating [00:00:22] as a person from the pole. Yeah. [00:00:27] Did it say anything that helped you to understand what you might do next when you go back to Nicole? I understand that you're again you're perhaps again Yeah. [00:00:39] That means [00:00:41] I can see here with my friends that I got new knowledge in a new Japan and other stuff up then what? A lot of different knowledge [00:00:54] what what is the legality for being gay in the fall? Okay. [00:01:01] In 2007, our supreme court of Nepal, they gave order to the government for equal opportunity to LGBT and same sex marriage in for everything like main in Omen, but the government they are not applying it is very difficult. So then then, right now current moment we are making a new constitution in file then Gareth on empty file and member from gay community and he is trying to include a free agenda of sexual in general married I think our MP from Nepal he's coming today and he is also key speaker of Friday. I read [00:01:53] something about him he is a new MP and also gay Yeah, [00:02:00] so yeah, that he is first time [00:02:04] coming openly gay member in Nepal Parliament first time [00:02:10] to the police persecute here [00:02:15] is sometimes not me, but you know, my friends Alyssa friends the the arrested [00:02:25] and put in prison. [00:02:28] They used to put in prison but right now after supreme court order is reduced now. [00:02:35] So it's, it's a little bit safer. Yeah, since the courts have Yeah, acted, coming to Wellington it it can be a lot easier to be gay here. What would you like to hear from Wellington people or people from New Zealand or the kind of support you'd like [00:02:54] to say, you know, Wellington is her clean and beautiful ocean people are very very you know, good because they respect each other in for gays and lesbians, Eg to, you know, to tell them that see my girlfriend He's my boyfriend's very easy to tell, you know, but in a fire wouldn't have we kind of say that you might call friend He's my wife's a mechanic interest is very difficult, but he is very easy. [00:03:27] What would you like what kind of help Can people in New Zealand give people in Nepal? [00:03:35] Yeah, just like I want to tell a be put two years, you know, Georgina Vir ch first transaction in MP of New Zealand, si, si went to Nepal and made lots of political leaders and also senior human rights official, they, you know, see aware that sexual and gender minorities here from finally maintain, they want to include your agenda in new constitution, like this neutral and you know, so the [00:04:10] New Zealand as a model, [00:04:12] yeah, because, you know, Nepal in New Zealand, we have very good relation because of inventory. So, we really need different kinds of support, which is which will help for our new constitution and for our community, since there is still a stigma and discrimination so new to dance, government, will they can't him to an English guy in different away? [00:04:41] Yes. So people who visit from New Zealand to Nepal, people who are politicians or business people, if they're positive about the sexual agenda, the identity the gender, [00:04:56] yeah, they were very negative, but you know, slowly is changing, you know, because of lobby because of how we just rising. We do different kinds of presentation regarding sexuality. It was very difficult, but now is slowly going to change. But we have to do last. Last thing is Dean. [00:05:20] Now, what are you looking forward to in this conference? What's the next dream you're going to go to? [00:05:26] Yeah, firstly, [00:05:29] I am I too fat in droning eSports of LGBT. Then secondly, I'm going to participate in today's conference in after I'm going to spend one week in Atlanta. So here I'm getting different kinds of knowledge not only regarding LTA, but here's geographical enhanced moment made, then, you know, we'll leave that vigilante developed country, but in a Polish people and developing country. Yeah. So when I'm back to my country, whatever I learned here, I can apply in my daily work for our community, as I will, it will help to maintain for society. I'm also a student of silos, you know, in our university of Nepal, it's really very difficult to get admission admissions, you know, to get enrolled in college if they see a transgender or his transgender be you know, they they will let gate take a mission and also some you know, Polish Army they are fired from army police officer know that see making listeners lesbian or gay, they know anymore job. So, a lot of transgender, they're going to the street for sex workers in due to six areas. So you know, high rate of HIV is very difficult. [00:07:07] What is help with that in in this conference or a gay and lesbian police people? Would it help if some of those visited Nepal and talk to people? [00:07:20] Yeah, poverty, poverty. Shahar See, it's less been that see we are army and she fired from our agency kept in jail 60 days. Then see Josie coming here with me then she is going to do presentation, right. How do you see joining army How do you see five from army yc is doing so it will be great. So a lot of people will know that hurry story. So So Alyssa will not be heard a story so it would help to for movement. [00:08:00] Because of that story, asked for help from the army people here who are gay, and for gay and lesbian and police who are gay and lesbian perhaps to, to argue the case for greater tolerance in Nepal, [00:08:15] your advocate here

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.