Naeaulumanua Le Atioo and Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann

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[00:00:00] This recording was made at the second the Asia Pacific Outgames human rights conference held in Wellington, New Zealand in March 2011. I'm really interested in the idea of Pacific representation here. And there's been some discussion about that. Could you talk for a minute about, about what's being said in the center, it's [00:00:18] actually going to happen on Twitter enemy, and I have a very, very strong view about this, particularly the acronym lb GT. Because to me, that is a very powerful angle European version, it's very hero centric, that's okay, if you have European stock, but for us, particularly for female from Sam, or is that we have existed Well, before the RPG t came, or even Europeans came to this part of the Pacific. So before the questions and and i think it's a reclaiming of that name, because one of the key issue for me is, if human rights and things about identity are quite clearly for asset specific people and Sam on is that, of course, identity is first and then our sexuality, but just around the other way for European yours is sexuality. And then you may acknowledge your culture. [00:01:11] I'm going to pass it to, I think, hi, Chief women know has already has summed up all what we are in the salmon culture. We do have a, like position ality, in our culture for faffing and that's what we are in our culture. Everyone knows when the term for five minutes is spoken. They know what we are and that's us. Okay. And yeah. And I'm very glad to be here, given the opportunity to participate in this conference. And to learn about the LG TP t, which is and the a concert so us, like, Hi, Chief Ramona said, Fini, has been with us from the beginning, way, way, way back before Christianity. And it's we deserve to be with everyone else now and forever. [00:02:19] Actually, I'm an official member of the Sofia, which sends forth Society of our female in American Samoa. Our vice president Sasha already elaborated more on the intentions where we are here, just to clarify the what the thing is all about. So I'm very fortunate to be here because I have learned so many new things about human rights, and also about these organizations of LGBT. Because we were here presenting apart Safa Fini in house of aphelion lives affiliated with our own culture. Do you think [00:03:05] one of the most challenging things been about this conference for you? [00:03:10] I think it's really getting people together, and particularly the Asia, Asia and Pacific hints for me is that, you know, I'm fascinated by the the Asian members because they have not participated in Rails. But you know, one of the connections I have the Asians, of course, because if you look historically, as Simon sweet, they say that we originated from Southeast Asia. But of course, the other connections we have is the colonialism. And I think when you look at is where the terminologies came after the Christians after the colonial but I believe is looking your own culture is that solutions, I am very propelled by solutions rather than problems. And to me, that's where this conference brings us to voices. And I'm excited as somebody This is the first time that miles so far afield from America Sam old Thrilla here, because for the most people here, and Natasha, but the others said, this is the first time ever in New Zealand, and that's really exciting for me to be most, their most exciting thing about this conference is the presence of its of a phi, I think it's a society of a female in American Samoa, [00:04:21] and challenges for you at the conference. [00:04:23] Yeah, there are challenges I am now learned. Because still, [00:04:31] again, is very much different with Fini back home. For one aspect, because we feel as a sexually attracted to straight man, not without of our finger like, you know, case sexually attracted to other case. So that's a challenge that I'm trying to, you know, [00:04:55] learn more about [00:04:57] its artists function from from the, from the gay concept, the gay, yeah. I'm learning a lot as we, as the conference progresses. [00:05:08] So does the gay concept and lesbian concept exist in American Samoa? [00:05:16] Yeah, now, I'm speaking culturally, as we were brought up, like, for instance, as we're attracted to the straight men, in our own culture, you know, we were not sexually attracted to other things. And that's the but yeah, that's the we can we differentiate the proper Fini from from case and Chinese as is the, you know, other content of of the conference here. [00:05:54] I think we are mostly Tasha touch most of those spaces. But one of the challenge experience that I've seen here, the last few years with issues of lesbians here, those from here to she, yeah, we don't have, we don't have that in some more. It's my first time seeing this. And it was amazing, because it was my first lunch. And also by a chest, so many old Indian, like overdone, six years old. You know, when I look at, oh my gosh, because we're so close to our mom. And look at them like they're my grandma's gratis. So it's all it's new to me. But in terms of Qaeda, Nick such a car. But if we can see, again, there's so many of them in the closet, hiding the class, but games there, but they're heated all over the places. Like South I classify myself as of a few, but I trust half, half and worried lover lover with a purse. But I [00:07:11] think one of the things that you really have to appreciate is the the paradigms. You know, it's the worldview that people had, it's not the same. You know, like, if I asked you what is the gay I mean, been around from the world a lot longer. I know where the roots of the word gay, faggot pasta, the European the English terms. For me, it tells me the context of where that came from, and what society at that time, they saw you very negatively faggot, you know, something you burn, whereas somebody like invert patch, that that was a term that you use, but we're as female, it means a like a male. To me, the coefficient is visible to someone. And it's physically mal as nice to sit but also as a spiritual of the world who's entrenched in the fast time over the family, and the spirituality, some trends in that particular area. But to try and compose and have the knowledge about Lisbon, we know this Greek mythology that comes from Lisbon. And so it's really about when you have that picture in your head. Now, the picture in my head and lived in New Zealand for some time, is when you look at gay, the concept of gay men is very American in that, you know, your abs and whole constellation, you know, the Arabs, and how but you're looking straight acting, and back definition, can I just say, straight acting to me, it's just a total amount of, you know, of a gay person, straight acting. What does that tell you? And just go back to this history is the fact that and, you know, this is what you see, we don't put on anything. This is how we live in our families. This is how we live in our society. These are very highly qualified people from American Samoa, they teachers, little degrees, some things, what this is the way we are, you know this, so people will say what this is the norm for us. Whereas you know that, and I'm not trying to denigrate the oven, because it's just that paranoia. I'm just saying, This is my space, and I'm claiming this space, you can claim on ethics. But don't try and pose your worldview on to me because it doesn't fit. Because you hear other and that was some fascinating about that. The Asian like I said, Well, what do you call yourselves enough? Are we and they can't come up with it? And that's, that's quite sad, because I think there's a loss of identity of who you are as that sexual human being. [00:09:39] Can you comment on how the Pacific has been integrated into this conference? [00:09:44] And I think in this conference is it's been excellent, because I think it's taking a whole new view, because of the inclusion of Americans are morons. And this inclusion another these are, you know, for Pacific, we know that these are very, very different people. And that's put it in a whole different speed sphere, there's a different level of us different views about what is the conscious, it's really challenging. I think the voice of female is quite loud, not bound another, but it's because, you know, I think because we articulate quite well, and the more entrenched you are basing your families and things that's more articulate you are and actually able to say it. So I think that's the benefit of this conference. But the other thing is for Pacific practice, where things should be better. It could be a lot better, but I think it's a good start. And I but the conference itself, I haven't had much time to look at the games. Well, I was more interested in the human rights conference. So yeah. [00:10:44] What would you like to take away from this conference? [00:10:47] The wonderful for me personally, the wonderful for happening, number one, for me, is the presence of the American salmon photography. That's my number one. [00:10:58] Yeah. Likewise, knowing coming over here, we do have our, you know, big sisters here and it feels very, very happy to have met him here. And other sisters on the [00:11:15] last question, if somebody hears this in 30 years time, what would you like to say to them [00:11:20] 30 years time and like a young person will either born in America Australia or ever is to know that this hopefully, this voice is today started the absolute making sure that they will have a voice in 30 years time, and hopefully they will develop it to the existence of the faffing [00:11:45] all to just like to share in that we're still continuing on with the foundation file for Fini know back home and in international level, and to ensure that the on the right path now

This page features computer generated text of the source audio - it is not a transcript. The Artificial Intelligence Text is provided to help users when searching for keywords or phrases. The text has not been manually checked for accuracy against the original audio and will contain many errors.