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[00:00:00] This recording was made at the closing ceremony of the second Asia Pacific art Games held in Wellington New Zealand in March 2011. [00:00:08] Well I got a drumroll this week tally as you see in this manifestation today I'm Dr. Gertrude Glossop PhD former drapery curtain University. And I've been doing wild sex at the zoo. So I've done two wild sex tours at the zoo, which is gorgeous. And then my other persona will did the track on the track on on Sunday. And it was the only sexagenarian in the event for gay VR games. So you want to go middle [00:00:36] darling. Congratulations. Thank you. [00:00:39] And then we also went to the at the conference Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And also, we've got some first cousins here in museum. So we've been busy then too. So it's been a very full schedule. [00:00:51] What was wild six at the zoo? [00:00:54] Well, it's looking at the wonderful social and sexual diversity in the animal world. You know, as I say, it's to explode the myth that all the animals went into the archives to buy two happy heterosexual monogamous couples. It's just not true. You see, there's this diversity and the way animals do sex and family in nature. And so I like to say to my audience and the world at large look, is this a ball for homosapien? You know, it's not this rigid binary of male female hetero sexist, monogamous marriage they but it's an infotainment it's it's fun, as well as factual. [00:01:31] What are some examples? [00:01:32] Well, some very good examples. For example, male giraffes, young giraffes are about their sexual maturity for but from four to eight, almost all the sexual behaviors your male giraffes is male to male, it's homosexual sex. Yes. And they do this wonderful courtship activity they built for dry and cold nicking. They love to Nick. And that leads to mounting with erections and orgasm. And that's my man, we, we don't usually hear about this, but on the David Attenborough shows, you see, and also, for example, the female me I like to I coat of arms, she's just polyandry styling, you see, and she just meets with a male just she lays and then she shoots through and takes up with another male. And she leaves the male incubator and raised chicks. And sometimes two males get together, they form a super catch, and two males bring up with them together. So it's an example of same sex parenting in nature. So that's sort of the idea. [00:02:33] So during the tour this week, did you see an eviction happening? No, look, [00:02:38] unfortunately, animals won't always perform on cue. Although I would say the hammer dress baboons, the male gave us a very nice direction [00:02:47] and very full frontal and [00:02:50] right in our face, you might say so that was that was a very accommodating and the chimpanzees were certainly lounging and as and displaying lovely genital displays and certain amount of general fondling because that's the other thing I say about wild sex. I like to point out that sex is not just for procreation, there's there's plenty of examples in the animal world where clearly [00:03:16] sexual activity is not leading to procreation. So therefore, one assumes that must be pleasurable. Had Willington [00:03:21] Zoo ever seen or six store before? I don't think they had. [00:03:25] And they will, I must [00:03:26] give Wellington Zoo an absolute plus, because they were really accommodating and very encouraging and supportive. So who took the tour? Yes, well, we had two groups of last year, we had that 24 and today 27. So a whole range of people. And so always have a big lesbian following, because I'm an intelligent drag person. Not like some show girls, you know, I don't mean to be rude shows very entertaining, but sometimes it's not very cerebral. Do you understand what I mean? I find this being like something that it's terrible. You know, it's I've got a big lesbian following, but a lot of gaming and whole age range. Young Adult, we had a few babies. Today, we had two chats who are bringing up and are they together? Yes. So that was lovely. So they were like the early Muse and that we had a little gave me a couple with their What's up man, a woman. Different set was a gave me so I'm not quite sure how that works out. Yeah, so a whole range of very, very broad section of people. [00:04:31] And what kind of responses do you get from people when when they come on the tour? [00:04:34] very enthusiastic, they feel they've come away, having been [00:04:38] exposed to something that they hadn't been before. You know, [00:04:41] the other thing we find the general public often quite fascinated, as I say little boys in very drawn to me, darling. You know, their mothers sometimes have to pull them away. There's a Who's this exotic creature at the zoo, where they go to see exotic creatures and I'm just another example. Only I'm a homeless. [00:05:00] So you've been doing a lot this week. Have you been able to get out to other events like other cultural events, theatre events? [00:05:05] Yes, I had a few things as I've had the cousins to deal with, you know, and and of course, the the conference, but I did go to that wonderful film on Thursday night. about body image I can't think of the name of that was [00:05:22] assumed nothing. Nothing picture. [00:05:24] marvelous, marvelous. I also went to meet some lovers. And I did get the New Zealand joke, Danny, you know, they need 21 minutes to your day. Oh, [00:05:34] all day is so charming this young man. [00:05:41] This one, like the young, dumb and full of is a naughty Ed [00:05:46] lady. Just one final question. If somebody is hearing this in 50 years time, yeah. What would you like to say to them? Well, [00:05:55] I'd like to think that the the unfolding since the beginning of the game, right moving in 1969 has continued so that that idea of celebrating diversity and and celebrating a whole range of of ways of living and loving has become much more pervasive and continues to grow. That's what I'd like to think. And I think the game is a manifestation of that.

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