Presentation at Te Papa

Audio from a presentation given by Michael Bancroft and Nicki Eddy at Te Papa - national museum of New Zealand. The presentation was held on the same day as the official gifting of the Quilt to Te Papa, 3 May 2012. A special thankyou to Te Papa for allowing us to record this event on Te Marae.

Grayham - quilt panel (9752)
Kevin Jensen (0519)
Kevin Jensen and Nicki Eddy (0569)
Megan (0469)
Megan (0510)
Megan (0514)
Megan and Nicki Eddy (0496)
Michael Bancroft (0581)
Nicki Eddy (0592)
Peter - quilt panel (9725)
Robin - quilt panel (9762)
Stephanie Gibson (0556)

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Creation date:3rd May 2012
Location:Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Copyright (image):Gareth Watkins