Wai Ho  [image: supplied]

Wai Ho

A Thousand Toilet Ladies(December 2012)

In this podcast Wai Ho reads A Thousand Toilet Ladies.

Wai's story placed second in the Asian Short Story competition 2012.

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Note this item contains references to violence.  If you need support you can find a variety of support services on the links page


"'Excuse me! These are the women's toilets.' The woman uses that too-loud tone white people use when they're talking to someone coloured. As if the darker your skin is, the worse your hearing. A part of me wants to say 'Solly solly, I no Engrish,' and push past her. Instead I say 'Yeah, I know.' The woman takes another look at this pre-pubescent Chinese boy incorrectly in the women's loos, and sees a masculine-looking Chinese girl in her mid-teens instead. 'Oh oh, I'm so sorry,' she flusters, breaking my gaze. 'It's okay,' I assure her... read full transcript

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Record date:1st December 2012