A Rainbow in the Village  [image: Roger Smith]

A Rainbow in the Village

A Rainbow in the Village (2019)

Organisers, participants and spectators talk about the world's (unofficial) shortest pride parade - held during Paekakariki's annual pride festival.

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Voices: Andrew Needs, Ann-Marie Stapp, Anna Walsh, Christopher Drinkwater, Corinne Guldmann, Danielle Burns, Donna Reed, Hugh Young, Jac Lynch, Jessica Bryan, Jon Trimmer, Linda McLaughlan, Mark Amery, Pat McIntosh, Rob Sumby, Robert O'Shea, Val Little (DJ Bullitt), Will Walsh

Tags: 2010s, a rainbow in the village (2019), activism, activities, andrew needs, ann-marie stapp, anna walsh, antarctica, aotearoa new zealand, australia, austria, bible, bigotry, bike ride, bullying, bullying prevention, campbell park (paekakariki), cardinal bi crikey (a.k.a jac lynch), celebration, children, christopher drinkwater, clothing, community, corinne guldmann, cycling, dance, dance party, danielle burns, disability, disco, diversity, donna reed, dublin, dykes on bikes, family, film festival, fire and emergency new zealand, gay, georgina beyer, homophobia, homosexual law reform, hookups, hug, hugh young, inclusion, insideout, ireland, jac lynch, jessica bryan, jon trimmer, kapiti coast district council, kapiti youth support, kate torrens, knitting, labour weekend, lesbian, linda mclaughlan, london, love, mark amery, marriage equality, moon landing (1969), nz transport agency (nzta), otaki, paekakariki, paekakariki pops, paekakariki.nz, pat mcintosh, petition, post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), pride, pride parade, primary school, project youth (kapiti youth support), protest, queer, rainbow crossing (paekakariki), rainbow flag, rainbows, reading, religion, retirement, rob sumby, robert o'shea, rural, safe space, sea, shortest pride parade, solidarity, st peter's (paekakariki), stonewall riots (1969), suicide, sweden, taiko, tasmania, the world's (unofficial) shortest pride parade, trans, trans-exclusionary radical feminism (terf), transgender, transgender flag, transphobia, unicorn, united kingdom, val little (dj bullitt), will walsh, yarn bombing


  • 0:00:06 - Pat Mcintosh and Val Little (co-organisers)
  • 0:16:18 - Kay and Sally
  • 0:17:05 - Rob Sumby (co-organiser)
  • 0:22:08 - Ann-Marie Stapp
  • 0:26:02 - Unidentified member of Project Youth, Kapiti Youth Support
  • 0:27:40 - Danielle Burns (co-organiser)
  • 0:30:58 - Donna Reed
  • 0:33:15 - Helmut and Kent
  • 0:35:16 - The Cowboy/Fireman song, Hazard
  • 0:36:23 - Jessica Bryan and Anna Walsh
  • 0:38:12 - Roanne and Ange
  • 0:40:05 - Debbie and Heather
  • 0:43:10 - Parade starts (Danielle Burns)
  • 0:43:27 - Chants and waiata
  • 0:44:26 - Hugh Young
  • 0:45:38 - Danielle Burns
  • 0:46:00 - Jac Lynch
  • 0:46:19 - Andrew Needs
  • 0:47:15 - Ribbon cutting at the crossing (Danielle Burns)
  • 0:47:50 - Danielle Burns
  • 0:50:11 - Jon Trimmer and Coral
  • 0:53:13 - Linda McLaughlan and co
  • 0:56:26 - Jo
  • 0:58:03 - Pete
  • 1:00:40 - Corinne Guldmann and Robert O'Shea
  • 1:06:12 - Toni
  • 1:07:04 - Mark Amery
  • 1:09:50 - Chrissy and Amy, Paekakariki Pops
  • 1:12:16 - Will Walsh and Christopher Drinkwater

Citation information

Record date:26th October 2019
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins